Apex Legends' new character Valkyrie will make Titanfall 2 players feel bad

Respawn revealed new Apex Legends character, Valkyrie, today with a 8-minute cinematic.

Apex Legends' next character is Valkyrie, to be added to the game on May 4, and her backstory will make you feel bad for completing the Titanfall 2 campaign.

The cinematic short introducing the new character, titled Northstar (after the Titan class), reveals that Kairi Imahara is the daughter of one of Kuben Blisk's mercenaries. This particular merc had the codename Viper and flew a Northstar-class Titan. The same Titan that we blew up in a mid-air boss fight halfway through Titanfall 2. Oops.

Anyway, young Kai blames Blisk for her father's death (which we won't be correcting her on) and comes looking for revenge, but instead finds an invite to the same tournament her father once competed in.

Clearly Valkyrie will possess some flight ability, though could we also see a few more pilot-related abilities from someone with extensive experience in the cockpit of a Titan? So far Respawn has avoided making crossovers between the previous games in the series too explicit, instead drawing on the extended universe of Titanfall.

Valkyrie will join Apex Legends for the ninth season, which ditches numbers to be known simply as "Legacy", on May 4. Gameplay details of Valkyrie's abilities will be coming along soon enough.


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