The trippiest moments in gaming

Go on a wild ride with these out of this world sequences in video games.

The best games transport us to another place, putting us in a whole world of our own. Sometimes games do this in the strangest, trippiest ways, melding the senses together into a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. We thought today might be a good time to remember some of those wonderful moments, so here are the trippiest bits of games for you to enjoy.

The trippiest moments in gaming

GTA V – Did somebody say yoga?

An iconic moment in the story of GTA V, in which middle-aged man Michael has a mid-life crisis in the midst of an unwanted dose of LSD. The freefall is a nice chance to see Los Santos from the sky, especially with the fancy light effects. And the backing track of Flight Facilities' remix of Shine a Light by The C90s (which you can find on Radio Mirror Park once you get back on the ground and into a car). Just a good time, altogether. Until you run out of sky to fall through.

Tetris Effect VR

The first time you boot up this experience with a VR headset on you'll understand. Tetsuya Mizuguchi's long-running endeavor to reproduce the experience of synaesthesia in his rhythm games combines with the puzzle game that defines the state of flow in gaming. The result is a truly out of this world sensory experience once you've blocked out the room around you.

REZ Infinite

Another Mizuguchi joint, this one a much more raw aspect of the synaesthesia efforts. REZ Infinite, newly remastered from the PS2 original, features a sort of rhythm game of flying through strange geometric virtual landscapes, perfect for losing yourself inside of in PSVR. It's a much more immersive experience than the original, however that did come with something called a Trance Vibrator which you were supposed to...sit on maybe? We're not gonna go there.

Far Cry 4 - Yogi and Reggie

Though most people might remember Far Cry 3 as the progenitor of the now ubiquitous "trip mission" in every Ubisoft game, Far Cry 4's was much more sophisticated than just burning a field full of weed while Skrillex played in the background. Some pretty nice post-processing effects let the art team cut loose from the game's otherwise fairly muted natural palette, though we appreciate the nice dots of color on structures dotted throughout the fake himalayas.

Psychonauts - Black Velvetopia

The twisted mindscapes of the denizens of Psychonauts are all fairly trippy, but none of them can top the tricked out visuals of Edgar's mind palace: Black Velvetopia. Under the blacklight, this tortured artist's brain is much more than a Jackson Pollock, based on the style of Edgar Leeteg the father of painting on black velvet. Enjoy the sleepy Spanish backstreets, if you can dodge the raging bull.

What gaming moments transported you to a magical world of lights and sounds? Drop us a line in the comments below!


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