All Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp furniture recipes

All Hilidream Camp recipes for the Genshin Impact browser game to get you ready for furniture crafting.

If you're checking out the Hilidream Camp browser game for Genshin Impact, then don't waste your daily materials! Here are all the furniture recipes to complete the Hilidream Camp without fail and help out Tubby.

While preparing for the Genshin Impact 1.5 update, MiHoYo have released a little browser game where you can craft furniture for some rebellious Hilichurls who have invaded the Realm Within. Of course you'll be rewarded with in-game items for successfully crafting furniture, but the way the game works is purely trial and error. Luckily to avoid you wasting your daily materials, a kind Redditor has gathered together all the possible combinations. So here are all crafting recipes for the Hilidream Camp web event in Genshin Impact.

All Hilidream Camp furniture recipes for Genshin Impact

The furniture recipes for Genshin Impact's web event Hilidream Camp.

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Each furniture recipe in Hilidream Camp is made up of three items from the four available, and it doesn't matter which order you put them into the crafting menu. Your first crafting attempt of the day will be instantaneous, second will take a minute and the third (if you have enough materials) will take three minutes. Luckily you can tab away from the browser window you have it open in and get on with some work.

To get more materials to craft with in Hilidream Camp, just complete the daily tasks such as logging into Genshin Impact, sharing the game (you can just choose copy link instead of a social network if you prefer to keep your feed free of automated posts), or taking a photo of your Hilidream Camp room so far.

Then, the next time you log into Genshin Impact, you'll find you have some mail with the rewards for each crafted furniture item in there. If you do accidentally use the wrong items in a recipe, you'll just make a broom and receive some pity Mora.

When the Genshin Impact update 1.5 arrives, you'll meet Tubby the little teapot spirit again and be given the chance to build your own home inside the Realm Within. Earning Tubby's Trust will increase your Realm Currency reserves and let you build more furniture and have homes in more locations, we'll explain everything in our Genshin Impact home building guide as soon as we get our hands on it.

Right now that's everything you need to unlock all crafting recipes in Hilidream Camp, the Genshin Impact browser tie-in game. Are you excited to get working on your own little hangout space in 1.5?


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