Valorant's next map looks like a good place to shoot the Breeze

'Welcome to paradise.'

A new Valorant map is on the way, and it looks like Agents will be needing some sunscreen.

Update: The official Valorant Twitter account has now shared a collection of postcards, showing off a few different regions and sights on the Breeze map for Valorant.

Developer Riot Games has been teasing the next level to arrive in Valorant for some time now, adding billboard messages throughout existing levels which invite players to visit an area called Breeze. Each image featured tropical palm trees with views of mountains and lapping, ocean waves.

Yesterday the official Valorant Twitter account posted an image of a sunny, beachfront abode with the message “Welcome to paradise.” Those with keen eyes will spot a Vandal sitting in the urn behind the bed, as well as what appear to be two wheel tracks leading away from the reclining spot. Take a look at the full image below:

Valorant new map Breeze release date details
© Riot

A short video teaser has also popped up on the game’s subreddit. It shows the same location, with the camera panning back to tropical, steel drum music before the sound of gunfire erupts in the distance.

The teases for the environment actually hark back to the game’s amusing April Fool’s event, part of which saw Cypher appearing in an environment with a sunny, tropical backdrop. A new Night Market sale included hidden coordinates, pointing towards the map being located in the Bermuda Triangle.

All signs indicate that Breeze is the new Valorant map, and will be set in a sunny, beachside environment. So when will Breeze release in Valorant? The current Act – which introduced Agent Astra to the game – is due to end in just six days. Breeze will therefore likely arrive early in Formation: Act 3, though Riot has yet to confirm if the map will drop with the new Act or mid-way through. For more Valorant coverage, head over to our hub page for the game. The esports Challengers competition is currently ongoing, so if you’re interested in catching up with the current progress, be sure to check out our recap.

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