Call of Duty: Warzone new map changes - Verdansk '84

All the major map changes to Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone's Season 3 update.

The end of the world just isn’t what it used to be. Warzone’s map may have been obliterated in a hulking ball of fire and radiation, but thanks to a spot of time-based trickery, Verdansk is still very much here. However, Verdansk ‘84 isn’t quite what you’re used to. The overview might seem the same, but Call of Duty: Warzone’s new map features a massive number of differences for players to discover. Below, we’ve rounded up the biggest changes in the new Verdansk ‘84 map for Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 map changes - Verdansk ‘84

Those hoping the nuke event would lead to an entire rework will likely be sorely disappointed by the Season 3 map changes. By heading back in time, we’re actually exploring the history of Verdansk, which means you’ll now find certain buildings like Stadium half-constructed. Back in 1984, Verdansk also had a few other installations that were removed over the years.

The map overview - New vs Old

Call of Duty Warzone season 3 map changes - 84 Verdansk
© Activision

New Regions: Summit, Factory, Array, and Salt Mine

Call of Duty Warzone season 3 map changes gora summit verdansk
© Activision

Gora Summit: Replacing the dam at the northwest corner of the map is Gora Summit. Featuring a gigantic viaduct in place of the dam itself, Gora Summit includes several facilities to investigate in search of that perfect sniper rifle for hitting a cross-map headshot.

Warzone season 3 changes 84 verdansk factory
© Activision

Factory: Just to the east of the popular Superstore, you’ll now find an airplane maintenance Factory dotted with vehicle parts and more than a few secrets. There are several large warehouses to loot here, and you can even escape through underground passages between each or up through a chimney. 

Call of Duty Warzone season 3 map changes Array
© Activision

Grid Radar Array: The tallest new addition to Warzone’s map, these 12 linked cage towers have a lofty yet exposed gantry system from which to scout your surroundings. A great place to look around, but you'll never know how many people are looking at you. On second thought, the number of bullets might be a clue.

Warzone season 3 map changes salt mine
© Activision

Salt Mine: The northeasterly quarry has now been replaced by it’s predecessor, a sprawling salt mine. There are several tunnels to explore here, though you’ll find the major routes are sealed off for the time being. Smoggy towers might be bad for the local air pollution, but it’s the hail of bullets that you’ll likely want to watch out for.

There are several other small mines dotted around the edges of the map, and rumor has it these could open up over the course of the season.

Major changes: Stadium, Superstore, Broadcast Tower, and more

A huge number of areas in Verdansk have been given a retro refit to match the map’s new setting.

Call of Duty Warzone season 3 map changes stadium
© Activision

The Old Stadium:The old stadium is gone. Say hello to the older stadium. Back in ‘84, Verdansk was waiting for its older stadium to be demolished, meaning players can explore a much smaller, far more open environment. Hop into the announcer booth and you can even call the plays as teams fight below you. Just remember to duck if they start aiming your way.

Warzone 84 verdansk map changes
© Activision

Superstore:One of Warzone’s most popular hot drop zones is now styled to the era. You can drop through the ceiling to the interior, hop on top of shelves, and find new routes to enter or exit. It’s also a touch lighter, which should make sneaky players hiding in corners a bit easier to spot.

Warzone Season 3 map changes 84 verdansk broadcast tower
© Activision

Broadcast Tower: With construction only partially completed, the Broadcast tower isn’t quite the giant it once was. Or, er, will be. It’s now far more accessible, however, with three floors inside available to explore.

A huge number of other areas have had adjustments or touch ups, including the Novi Grazna Hills, TV Station, Airport and more. They’re still the same places you know, but be sure to explore thoroughly to uncover their new secrets.

Other changes: Filters, loot, and Gulag fights

Warzone season 3 map changes gulag
© Activision

Filter: Drop into Warzone and you might notice that everywhere outside looks just a little different. Warzone now employs a blue filter when you step outside, because that’s apparently just how the past looked.

Loot: You’ll no longer find Modern Warfare weapons appearing as loot across Verdansk. Before you cry foul about your loadouts being ruined, you can still access them through loadout drops. Just don’t expect modern weapons to pop out of crates.

Gulag: Season 3 brings a new Gulag arena to throw down in. It’s based on Cold War’s upcoming Standoff map, so a great place to practice your skills while also earning another chance in the Warzone.

Those are all the map changes we’ve got for Season 3. It may not be the major overhaul many were excited about, but hey, at least the new map can’t really be much worse than the old one, eh?

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