You can finally play Super Mario Party's main mode online after surprise update

Just 2 years after release Nintendo has dropped a new update for Super Mario Party to put the main mode online.

Nintendo has released a free, surprise update for Super Mario Party adding more online play options, including the main Mario Party mode.

The surprise update comes more than two years after the game's release and is the first major update for the multiplayer party title, prompting more than a few delightedly confused responses from fans.

Super Mario Party's online play update now allows you to play the main Mario Party mode online, as well as 70 individual minigames and the 2v2 Partner Party mode.

The game initially released in October 2018, where its local-only multiplayer wasn't quite as much of a restriction on the fun as it would come to be just over a year later.

Now, after more than a year of lockdown restrictions imposed by the spreading coronavirus pandemic, Nintendo is finally overcoming that barrier to allow you to remotely harrass your friends via the medium of Extremely Unfair RNG Manipulation Tactics.

The online update for Super Mario Party is available to download now, and all players will need to be on the same version to begin a board game together.


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