How to leave the Serenitea Housing Island in Genshin Impact

Don't get trapped in your Serenitea Pot, learn how to exit the Housing Island in Genshin Impact.

Your own pocket dimension is a wonderful thing right up until you can’t quite seem to leave it. Fortunately, it is possible to leave the Housing Island offered by the Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact. It’s just that the game doesn’t make it immediately clear what to do if you want to exit. Below, we’ll explain how to leave the Housing Island in Genshin Impact so you can return to Teyvat.

How to leave the Serenitea Housing Island in Genshin Impact

How to leave the serenitea pot Genshin Impact
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There are two methods to leave the Housing Island in Genshin Impact. For the fastest option, you need to open up your map. From here, click the Serenitea Pot icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu showing the worlds you can currently jump between. For now, you should see Serenitea Pot and  Teyvat on the list.

Click Teyvat and you’ll swap to looking at the standard Genshin Impact world map. From here, you can select any of the fast travel points available and choose to warp directly there, leaving the Serenitea Pot and exiting the Housing Island in Genshin Impact. You’ll then receive the following message:

“You have left the current Serenitea Pot, and will return to your home world”

For the second way to exit the Housing Island, you need to resummon the Serenitea Pot from your inventory. Open your Inventory, swap to the Gadgets Screen, then choose Place Serenitea Pot. You can then interact with it to return to the precise spot you entered it from.

How to leave the housing island genshin impact
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Whichever method you use, you’ll be chucked out of the calming pocket dimension and return to the monster-packed land of Teyvat. This method will also work when you enter anyone else’s Serenitea Pot to explore their layouts and characters. Good for if you need to nope out of some truly terrible design choices as quickly as possible.

By reading the above, you should now know how to leave the Housing Island in Genshin Impact. For more Genshin Impact guides covering the Serenitea Pot and other new features from the 1.5 update, head over to our Genshin Impact hub page and have a browse.

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