Genshin Impact cuihua wood locations: Best place to farm trees

The best Genshin Impact cuihua wood locations to farm up for building furniture.

Genshin Impact cuihua wood locations are pretty numerous around the land of Teyvat, though they don't occur in massive groves like pine wood and other types of wood. If you need a bunch of cuihua wood to build some furniture then you've come to the right place.

Now that you've got a fancy house ready to decorate, you'll need stuff to fill it with. And to make that stuff, you'll need hundreds of bits of wood. Thankfully that doesn't mean the total destruction of Teyvat, as you can get away with just hitting a tree up to three times to get some cuihua wood from it, and not deforest the entire map.

But to save you some time you'll want to find a part of Genshin Impact's map that is loaded with trees that give cuihua wood. To save you hitting every tree to find out if it's the right one, here is the best place to find Genshin Impact cuihua wood locations.

Genshin Impact cuihua wood locations

Genshin Impact cuihua wood locations map
Any tree that has fruit hanging from it will yield cuihua wood when hit, Starfell Lake has a good density of fruit trees.

The best place to farm cuihua wood in Genshin Impact is around Starfell Lake. Unlike most of the other types of wood you can get in Genshin Impact, cuihua wood trees don't grow in large patches. The easiest way of recognizing a tree that gives cuihua wood is that it will have fruit growing on it. Apple and Sunsettia trees, when hit, will yield cuihua wood up to three times. As a bonus, when you hit them the fruit will drop off so you can add woodcutting as part of your fruit farming route.

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven at Starfell Lake and you'll be able to find plenty of fruit trees to harvest cuihua wood from. The best route for farming cuihua wood would be to head slightly north-west of the Starfell Lake teleport and head straight toward the coast (there's a small beach where you sometimes get a daily commission to clear out hilichurls). Then head south along the coast into Whispering Woods to find four more trees. Then when you get to the bridge to Mondstadt city, cross east over the road and head back up along the cliff ridge towards Starfell Lake again to find another 10 or so.

Those are the best places to get cuihua wood in Genshin Impact. If you're having trouble finding more of the wood types in Genshin Impact, check out our guides to the best place to get pine wood and best place to farm wood in general.


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