Dead By Daylight is delving into the backstory of Left 4 Dead's Bill

A new Tome for the Archives will explore the origins of the zombie outbreak.

The gaming multiverse is a weird and terrifying web. Valve seems to have long forgotten its four-player co-operative zombie shooter, but the game and its characters (one of them, at least) lives on through 4v1 multiplayer spook-em-up, Dead By Daylight. Left 4 Dead’s grizzled veteran Bill joined Dead By Daylight’s Survivor roster back in 2019, and this year he’ll be getting his own chapter in the game’s Archives. 

Tome VII: Forsaken will delve into William “Bill” Overbeck’s backstory and give us a look at “never-before-seen memories” and the original outbreak of Left 4 Dead’s zombie plague. Yes, that sound you can hear is thousands of Left 4 Dead fans weeping at lost potential, but at least Dead By Daylight has your back. The update will include a new cosmetic skin for Bill, offering a younger deisgn in military fatigues.

The news was certainly welcomed by the game's fans on social media, though, as ever, it didn’t take long for fans to get back on the one consistent demand for Dead By Daylight. Move over Michael Myers, there’s a new thirst trap in town.

Left 4 Dead isn’t the only game slicing its machete into Dead By Daylight's feeble survivors soon. Resident Evil recently revealed a tie-in to celebrate both Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary and Dead By Daylight’s 5th anniversary. We don’t yet know any details regarding characters or killers that will be included, but a special broadcast from Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour will take place on May 25 to reveal more.

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