New Pokemon Snap controls guide

Learn all the controls to New Pokemon Snap so you can become a master behind the lens.

That last thing you need when trying to capture a rare Pokemon sighting is to forget which buttons you need to press in the moment. Fortunately, New Pokemon Snap keeps the controls pretty straight forward, so with a bit of practice you’ll have them mastered. To help you out, we’ve listed all the New Pokemon Snap controls below for easy reference.

New Pokemon Snap controls guide

New Pokemon Snap Controls guide Nintendo Switch
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You’ll be introduced to the New Pokemon Snap controls slowly, over the course of the first couple of areas you can explore. As such, don’t be surprised if you can’t yet perform a few of the actions listed below. Progress through your research tiers and investigate the Illumina Phenomenon to be introduced to them all! Below you’re find the default New Pokemon Snap controls, but you can also swap to several alternate layouts in the game’s settings menu.



Move camera pointer

Left Analog Stick

Move camera view

Right Analog Stick

Fast camera turn

D-Pad inputs

Take Photo




Throw Fluffruit


Throw Illumina Orb



Zl or L

Turbo mode (speed up)


Play Melody


The last controls you’ll unlock will be the Turbo mode, which requires you to visit several Illumina Spots across the island. Until then you’ll just have to take your time on each run!

As mentioned above, you don’t need to stick with the standard controls. It’s perfectly possible to play with the other layouts available in the settings menu, accessed via the gears icon on the main menu of the Research Camp. While navigating the Research Camp, you use the Left Analog Stick or D-Pad to move the cursor, and the A button to select an option. You can return from any menu by pressing B.

Those are all the New Pokemon Snap controls for Nintendo Switch. We’ll have more guides on the way soon, so check back on the game’s hub page to learn more!

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