The full Mass Effect Trilogy soundtrack is premiering today

Including an early chance to listen to a new track from the Legendary Edition remaster.

In the run up to the launch of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster, the full original soundtrack is being hosted on the official Mass Effect YouTube account.

The video is due to go live at 8am PT today, which means it’s probably live by the time you’re reading this. The video will feature the full soundtrack from all three original games, meaning you can zone out to the relaxing Mass Effect galaxy map theme before Mass Effect 2’s Suicide Mission pumps you back up again. There’s more than just classic tunes included, however. The new video will also feature a brand new track from the Legendary Edition. Check it out below:

Sure, the soundtrack is certainly already available across YouTube and other platforms already, but there’s no harm in enjoying the build up to the remastered collection’s launch. The four-hour-long soundtrack offers plenty of opportunity to reminisce over classic moments from all three stories. It’ll also provide a fitting background accompaniment for the many more hours you’ll need to spend deciding if you’re going to recreate your original Shepard exactly or craft a brand new one from scratch.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition revives BioWare’s iconic sci-fi story of Commander Shepard, a young human commander who must assemble and lead a team to warn against and fend of an unprecedented threat to the galaxy. The Legendary Edition features all three of the original games remastered with updated visuals and performance. The full content of previous DLC packs will also be included as standard in the release. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is due to release May 14 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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