8K VR headset is cruising through Kickstarter

Needs more pixels.

If 4K is passé to you, then get ready for 8K virtual reality because this headset is already funded three times over in its first day on Kickstarter.

Pimax, self-described as the world’s first 8K VR headset, will reportedly eliminate the causes of motion sickness in other head-mounted display designs.

With a planned resolution of two 3840x2160 displays - one for each eye - Pimax 8K purports to render a 200 degree field of view increasing peripheral vision.

All this with just 15ms latency, intended to reduce the brain-melting lag that causes viewer perception and expectation to mismatch with vomit-inducing results.

There is also - taking a leaf from Apple’s book - an 8K X model available, which ups the refresh rate to 90Hz. Needless to say, pumping out 90 frames per second to not one but TWO separately rendered 4K displays requires a beefy machine, but if you’ve got one then $699 should be nothing to you.

You can pledge for just the standard headset on its own, compatible with existing Oculus or Vive base stations and controllers, for just $499. But if you need the whole kit then that’ll be $799.


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