How to download and play Scavengers

Find out how to play Scavengers, the frosty new online shooter.

Scavengers has been making quite a few waves on Twitch recently, which has tempted plenty of new players to give Midwinter Entertainment’s icy strategic shooter a go. It’s only in early access right now, but the game is free to try out, so there’s no major cost beyond your own time investment. If you’re interested in testing your skills, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to download and play Scavengers.

How to download and play Scavengers

How to download and play Scavengers
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At the time of writing, Scavengers is only available on PC. While the developers definitley intend for it to come to consoles in future, you’ll need a PC to play it today. Got one? Good, here comes the only major choice.

You can download and play Scavengers on PC through both Steam and the Epic Games Store. There’s no difference whatsoever between the two versions, so we’d recommend using whatever platform you launch games from more commonly. In either case, you’ll need to have an account registered with the service.

How to download scavengers PC
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If your friends downloaded it on the other launcher, that’s not a problem as Scavengers has crossplay support between the two. However, sharing a platform could make finding and adding one another to games much more straightforward.

Once you have the game installed, all that’s left is to launch it from your game library and enjoy! Now that you know how to download and play Scavengers, you can read our breakdown of the game’s basics to know what you’re doing before you start. We’ll have more Scavengers content on the way soon, so check our hub page for the game to learn more.

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