Coming Up: SenseiCJ brings the good vibes taking over the HyperX Twitch channel

Get to know the master of the dojo as SenseiCJ gets handed the keys to stream on HyperX's Twitch channel today as part of Coming Up.

Today we are all part of the Dojo as HyperX hands over the keys for the Twitch account to SenseiCJ, in the latest spotlight of streamers building positive communities around them.

HyperX Coming Up introduces the world to up-and-coming streamers in the HyperX Partner Program, a way of highlighting creators and their communities that are going beyond to do good in gaming. This week CJ has fielded questions from the HyperX fan family on Twitter already, explaining how he came to love all things Nintendo and how gaming and streaming helped him explore Japanese culture from his home in New York.

We got to know CJ before he takes over the HyperX Twitch channel at 8pm EST today, May 7. Check him out later and maybe you'll get to see more from his impressive kimono collection.

What sparked your interest in streaming, and did you think you would be any good at it?

Streaming was something that I had no idea about, in 2014, live content for gameplay seemed like such a new concept. I honestly didn't know if I would be good at it at all, I just wanted to share my gaming experiences, as for some reason, something funny happens all the time. As time went on, I started really gaining confidence in my ability to maintain live content. Being live is just better to me. That level of interaction is just unmatched.

How has gaming helped you in the past?

Being from the Bronx, New York, you have certainly seen some intense things. Gaming kept me away from the negative vibes that my area may bring. It kept me focused and to learn to have fun.

What do you hope your viewers get out of coming to one of your streams?

If I can impact just ONE person a stream, I feel like my job has been done for the day. I want the Dojo to be a place where you can forget about IRL issues and just relax. Also I try to leave people with some life gems they can take home, something that they can remember.

As you've grown your channel how have you tried to keep the close knit community feel of the Dojo?

Talking to everyone is key. Live interaction is HUGE. Discord is also a big deal, communication holds such power. It is the key to understanding one another!

What is your ultimate goal in streaming?

My ultimate goal in streaming is to continue to reach out to gamers across the world as we share moments together. I want to work with companies, to help create opportunities for others. This is why I am so excited to work with HyperX. I want to change the mind frame of "streaming isn't stable" to increase the stability of creating content in general. Many things are possible from streaming. There are no limits!

Watch CJ on the HyperX Twitch channel at 8pm EST on May 7 and stay tuned for more from the HyperX Coming Up and Partner Program highlights to find your next favorite streamer.


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