HyperX partners highlight RAD to make mental health help more accessible

Rise Above the Disorder helps cover the cost of seeking help, making good mental health an achievable aim.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and as a way of destigmatizing sufferers and empowering them to get the help they need, HyperX's partners and collaborators are working with Rise Above the Disorder.

Rise Above the Disorder (RAD) are a US non-profit that aim to take care of the bills associated with seeking help to tackle mental health problems. To date they've helped more than 36,000 people to take control of their mental health and ease the burden of navigating the healthcare system to do so. Something no-one needs on top of their existing troubles.

To help get the word out about RAD and all the great work they do, many members of the HyperX family of streamers and content creators spoke up for Mental Health Awareness month. Being aware of your own mental health is only the first step in keeping an even keel, so the work that RAD does in making treatment accessible makes the journey after that step that much easier to manage.

RAD are no strangers to getting involved with the gaming community. They've previously partnered with Dreamhack to run Smash tournaments, and specifically cater to youth without access to insurance. There are resources for finding a therapist – which will be LGBTQ+ and millenial-friendly – and applying for a grant to be used to fund therapy, medication or even travel to attend sessions.

If you think you could benefit from the services offered by RAD, or are outside their operating borders and need to know where to turn for help, check out the other resources for gamers struggling with their mental health.


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