This fighting game glossary will help you understand when to fuzzy a DP

If you don't know your footsies from your elbows then this fighting game glossary can help you in the lab.

Always wanted to get into fighting games but never been able to get past the impenetrable blockwall of its convoluted terminology? This fan-made fighting game glossary is here to help.

The fighting game glossary from FGC veteran Infil is an extremely comprehensive list of terms used as shorthand from the increasingly complex movesets of basically every major fighting game franchise right now.

Infil has also put together more detailed guides on Killer Instinct in the past, as a way of helping the community level up together and get on the same page. A worthy endeavor when not devoting time to the lab himself.

In putting together the fighting game glossary, which contains more than 650 weird and wacky terms along with their gameplay implications and history, Infil has also provided their Japanese equivalents to gel together the worldwide communities built up around fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken. The terms cover 14 major fighting game franchises, basically anything that's ever appeared on final day of Evo.

Definitions also provide links to other terms within the glossary to help crosslink their meanings together, and clicking the hyperlink to each new term doesn't whisk you away to a new page load, it pops it up in-line so you don't lose your place. It's a really nice bit of design and should be very helpful to those of us who always get our chains confused with our strings.

Some of the more complex concepts in the glossary also have their own video explainers to help you get the idea, all edited down to the meat of the definition and no waffle. It's a perfect study guide, so now you have no excuse to not get into fighting games if that's something you've always wanted to do.

Are you going to be using Infil's fighting game glossary to up your game before your next local? Or will you stick to streaming Evo once a year and being amazed at the light show?


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