Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC: what's new?

Here's everything to expect of Monster Hunter World's first DLC this Spring.

Monster Hunter World's first DLC, the Deviljho update, will be arriving soon. With a Spring 2018 release window, and the sun beginning to thaw away the ice at our hunting boots, it won't be long before we're on the trail of the mythical beast.

Capcom gave us a glimpse of our new quarry at the start of the year, before the game arrived, with the Deviljho update trailer. But here's what else we've found will be in Monster Hunter World's first DLC.

Monster Hunter World's Deviljho DLC details

First up is the price, as this update will be free to everyone with the base game. Once it's out, it'll download in a smiliar way to the Horizon Zero Dawn quests have been, though we'll likely need to talk to the housekeeper Palico to initiate bonus content downloads.

From the trailer, it seems clear that the Deviljho is a mite more dangerous that other beasts in the game, and it looks like his chosen stalking grounds is the Ancient Forest. Seeing him tussle with a Great Jagras has us thinking of all the other turf wars he'll get into with Anjanaths and Rathalos running around the same area.

Since he's coming out at a time that most players will be comfortably hitting that Hunter Rank 11 High Rank quest limit, we expect this to be one tough monster, though whether he'll appear as both a low and high rank hunt is questionable. Capcom have confirmed as much by stating that Deviljho's dropped crafting items will be useful for players who have finished the game.

How to take on a Deviljho in Monster Hunter World

From previous games in the series we can tell that Deviljho will be similar to an Anjanath, as a Brute Wyvern with fire attacks.

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the Deviljho's primary weakness was Dragon damage, with secondary weaknesses to Thunder. This is very similar to another dragon in the forest, the Rathalos. His main attacks also did Dragon damage, with a cone of fire breath with far greater reach than an Anjanath's, so be prepared with the right weapons and armor when he arrives in the game.


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