Coming Up: TheDanDangler answers the call in Warzone

Get inspired in your own CoD matches by watching TheDanDangler take over the HyperX Twitch channel this Friday.

This week we're becoming part of The Dan Clan as HyperX hands over the keys for the Twitch account to TheDanDangler, in the latest spotlight of streamers building positive communities around them.

HyperX Coming Up introduces the world to up-and-coming streamers in the HyperX Partner Program, a way of highlighting creators and their communities that doing their best to do good in gaming. This week Danyell will be fielding questions from the HyperX fan family on Twitch, explaining how she got into gaming and the lengths she will go to bag those Warzone wins.

Get to know Dan on Twitter before she takes over the HyperX Twitch channel at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT Friday, May 28.

What sparked your interest in streaming, and did you think you would be any good at it?

I've always been a fan of gaming. When I found out people actually streamed themselves while gaming, it was immediately something I wanted to do. I never knew if I would be good at it. I still think I'm learning everyday how to get better and provide people with the best content. However, I knew I wanted to try my best and form a welcoming community for people to be a part of.

What would you say is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is my love and sacrifice for animals. I'm a huge animal activist and even though I love the taste of meat, I've been a vegetarian since 2007!

How has gaming helped you in the past?

Gaming has always provided me with life experiences that I'll always cherish. It has provided a place for me to blow off some steam, while also meeting people and forming friendships all around the world!

What do you hope your viewers get out of coming to one of your streams?

My main intention with my stream when people join, is to provide a place where people feel welcome. I want them to know that no matter what happens in their day-to-day life the Dan Clan ALWAYS has their back.

As you've grown your channel how have you tried to keep the close knit community feel of the Dojo?

As my stream grows I still try and keep a close-knit feel by staying highly engaged with my chat and holding movie nights, game nights and more! As my community got bigger I even assigned a "welcoming committee". People who are designated to welcome new people into the community. Or even If someone new comes into chat and I miss their message, the community will be there to welcome them.

What is your ultimate goal in streaming?

My ultimate goal for streaming is to provide quality content that people enjoy watching. To provide a 'home away from home'-type feel. Also to partner with large brands who have the same values as me and my community!

What has made you feel like you've made progress towards that goal in the last 12 months?

I think seeing the growth in viewership has made me feel like I'm doing something right and making me feel like i've made progress towards that goal. I also think my mods are a huge reason I feel confident to branch out and introduce more things to my stream. It's really awesome to have such a strong support system. Also, getting partnered with HyperX and other large brands has definitely made me feel like I'm reaching my goals!

Watch Dan on the HyperX Twitch channel at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT on May 28 and stay tuned for more from the HyperX Coming Up and Partner Program highlights to find your next favorite streamer.


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