Video games celebrating Pride Month

How to get involved with Pride Month 2023 celebrations in your favorite video games.

Pride Month is here, and plenty of our favorite video games (and consoles) are joining in the celebration of their LGBTQ+ players, developers, characters, and fans throughout June. Whether it’s through events, updates, or in-game cosmetic items, these are the games which have announced Pride 2023 celebrations so far, with details on how you can get involved.

Video games celebrating Pride Month 2023

Dead by Daylight

video games celebrating pride 2023 dead by daylight
© Behaviour

Whether you're feeling for your life or tracking down prey, you can celebrate pride in Dead by Daylight. This year Developer Behaviour Interactive hosted a lengthy charity livestream raising money for It Gets Better. As usual, a selection of Pride flags can be obtained by redeeming codes within the game's shop. Here's what you'll need to enter for each:

  • Glance of Pride Charm: KINDRD
  • Feathers of Pride Charm: CAWCAW
  • Pride Charm: PRIDE
  • Bisexual Flag: FLAGB
  • Pansexual Flag: FLAGP
  • Asexual Flag: AFLAGS
  • Agender Flag: AFLAGG
  • Genderfluid Flag: GFLAGF
  • Genderqueer Flag: GFLAGQ
  • Non-binary Flag: NBFLAG
  • Intersex Flag: ISFLAG
  • Trans Flag: FLAGT 

Destiny 2

Pride 2022 destiny 2 Pride Month
© Bungie

Bungie is celebrating Pride 2023 by offering a pride emblem titled The Infinite Prismatic to anyone who donates $10 to the Bungie Foundation in June. During the month, all donations will support the non-profit organization It Gets Better. Further Pride updates are expected throughout the month.

Everquest II

video games celebrating pride month everquest 2
© Darkpaw

Darkpaw games is letting its LGBTQ+ players celebrate with a selection of free pride familiars. Head to the market and you can collect Mithaniel's Aceheart Lion, Mithaniel's Freeheart Lion, and Mithaniel's Openheart Lion until midnight PDT on July 9th.

Halo Infinite

Players who log into Halo Infinite during June will receive the Unity Nameplate and emblem. The emblem features a hand with love hearts above it, and the nameplay shows two hands making a heart shape.

League of Legends

League of Legends has added two new pride emotes (Flex and Light 'Em Up) and is bringing back all of those from 2022. They're unlockable through missions available during June. League players can also collect Pengu pride icons in 2023 for 1 Blue Essence each. There are eight in total, and each of them creates a homeguard trail in the equivalent pride flag colors. Equip any of the icons and you can also alter your profile background to the Runeterra Pride art. Here's what you need to do to earn those emotes:

  • The Pride of Nazumah
    • As a team, slay four Epic Monsters or earn 750 points from time spent playing and winning games
    • Reward: Flex Emote
  • The Pride of Piltover
    • Play as a premade group of two+ or earn 750 points from time spent playing and winning games
    • Reward: Light 'Em Up Emote

Legends of Runeterra

games celebrating pride 2023 runeterra
© Riot

For Pride 2023, Legends of Runeterra is offering a Pride bundle for free! It includes a emotes and pride icons, all of which you can grab for free until June 28th. New to the pack this year is the Nami Pride emote which shows her flicking her hair.

Team Fight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics sees the return of Pride booms this month and adds a new Pride emote. To get the new emote, you'll need to play two games of TFT standard queue or one game of Double Up! before June 30th. Equip the pride icons and you'll gain a pride trail for the carousel.

Wild Rift

Video games pride 2022 wild rift
© Riot

Much like last year, Wild Rift is bringing back its Pride Poro icons and emotes, but this time they're joined by two new icons and a Graves emote. You'll need to complete two missions to access everything:

  • We Win Together
    • Play one game
    • Reward: Homeguard Trail and Pride Icon bundle (if not already owned)
  • United We Play
    • Play 10 games with either a Pride icon or the homeguard trail equipped
    • Reward: Pride Emote Bundle, 2021 Pride Emote, 2022 Pride Emote, 2023 Pride Emote


Valroant Pride Month 2022 banners
© Riot

Valorant is once again offering a bundle of Pride banners to claim within Valorant, available within the game’s store. Along with the Pride gun buddy, there are banner cards for Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Pansexual, Ace, Non-binary, and Trans Pride. Simply head to the in-game store during June and you can pick up the bundles for free.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 pride month video games
© Blizzard

The first Pride event for Overwatch 2 includes things to enjoy in-game and out. Blizzard has an extensive blog post breaking down all the pride activities for the hero shooter sequel, but we'll summarize the key information here. First up is a short story about Baptiste and Pharah which you can read here.

Paired with that are new Name Cards dedicated to the LGBTQ+ heroes in Overwatch's roster. Pharah and Tracer get lesbian cards, Soldier 76 gets a gay card, Lifeweaver gets a pansexual card, and Baptiste gets a bisexual card. These are joined by a wide range of Pride Player Icons and Name Cards, all of which will be added to all current and future Overwatch 2 accounts.

video games pride month overwatch 2 - the new midtown map with pride decorations
© Blizzard

Maps have been updated too, with Midtown now set just after a Pride parade for the month of June. Watchpoint: Gibraltar has also been updated with a photo in the barracks of Tracer and her partner Emily. A selection of Pride-themed clothing has also been added to the Blizzard Gear Store, with net proceeds until June 30 being donated to the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE).'s Queer Games Bundle 2023

The Queer Games Bundle returns again on, and it’s packing a ludicrous number of games as usual. Available throughout June, the Queer Games Bundle 2023 features more than 450 games, tabletop RPGs, comics, books, and more from LGBTQ+ creators. How much will all that cost you? Just $60, which is less than most AAA games these days. That'll net you some phenomenally titled games, including Homunculus Hotel, Ladykiller in a Bind, and Two Men Go On A Date And Don't Fall In Love. Buyers should take note that there are several 18+ games included in the collection, though you can pick and choose which titles you want to download and play. Pick up the Queer Games Bundle 2023 here.


Pride Month 2023 video games xbox
© Xbox

For 2023, Xbox Game Studios has announced a new partnership with GLAAD to bring more LGBTQIA+ stories and characters to Xbox and make it as welcoming a platform as possible. There are also two curated bundles of games to browse through on the Xbox store: One for transgender and non-binary community games; and one for LGBTQIA+ community games.

Those are all the video games celebrating Pride Month 2023 that we’ve seen so far, but we’ll aim to update this list as more companies announce festivities available in their universes. If you know of any that we've missed, share them in the comments section below!

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