Atari creating its own cryptocurrency

The company is wading into the cryptocurrency market with their new Atari Token.

In an interesting new update from Atari, the company revealed that they've decided to enter the cryptocurrency market with their coin, the Atari Token.

In addition to dabbling in cryptocurrency, Atari is also expanding their partnership with Pariplay Ltd. to allow online gambling with digital currencies, according to a new report by Bloomberg. In the company’s official press release, Fred Chesnais (CEO of Atari Game Partners) commented on Atari’s venture into cryptocurrency, stating:

“Given our technological strengths with the development studios, and the global reputation of the Atari brand, we have the opportunity to position ourselves attractively in this sector. Our objective is to take strategic positions with a limited cash risk, in order to optimize the assets and the Atari brand.”

Atari Token aside, the company has been making several comeback attempts within the gaming realm as of late. One such attempt is the Ataribox, which looks to tap into the growing retro console marketplace dominated by Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic.

Additionally, Atari made headlines last month by attempting to crowdfund Rollercoaster Tycoon’s release on Nintendo Switch with the total goal set at $2 million. To accomplish this daunting feat, the company is opting to utilize a new crowdfunding organization called “Start Engine” created by Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision.

All in all, Atari has certainly been keeping themselves busy with a variety of unique projects and ventures. Whether their new cryptocurrency, the Atari Token, will prove to be more or less successful than the Ataribox and Rollercoaster Tycoon crowdfunding endeavor remains to be seen. We certainly wish them the best of luck, though, and look forward to seeing what other interesting ideas the company puts forth as we move through the 2018 calendar year.

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