Steam Summer Sale dates and details

Mark down the 2021 Steam Summer Sale dates so you can prepare for huge discounts on the games you've been holding off buying.

The Steam Summer Sale is one of the best and biggest chances to catch up on all the games you’ve missed in recent years thanks to huge discounts on entire catalogues of digital content. To help you prepare yourself for the inevitable draining of your bank balance we’ve got the details on the 2021 Steam Summer Sale dates. The seasonal sales typically offer the biggest discounts on Valve’s distribution platform, with Summer the best one of all. In short, you won't want to miss it, so make sure you take note of when the Steam Summer Sale 2021 goes live.

2021 Steam Summer Sale dates

Steam summer sale dates 2021
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Thanks to early leaks, we now know that the 2021 Steam Summer Sale is due to run from June 24, 2021 through July 8, 2021.

That means the 2021 Steam Summer Sale runs for a full two weeks. Assuming it will follow the established format for previous years, all discounts will remain the same throughout the full length, meaning you won’t have to rush or keep tabs on the sale to ensure you get the best prices. 

Make sure you Wishlist any games you’re interested in ahead of the sale so that you’re notified as to the discounts they receive. In addition, keep an eye out for publisher packages. If you’re interested in buying several games at once, these bundles offer massive discounts beyond the usual reductions.

After the Steam Summer Sale, the next major discount period will come for the Steam Halloween Sale, which typically takes place at the end of October.

It’s worth noting that Steam is also holding a festival in the week prior to the Steam Summer Sale dates. Steam Next Fest is due to take place June 16 - June 22 and will feature a massive range of demos for upcoming games. It’s not quite the same as a sale, but it will let you try out a bunch of games for free in advance of or alongside their release dates.

That’s all there is to know about the 2021 Steam Summer Sale dates. You’ve got a little bit of time before they kick off, so start preparing those wishlists and hope the games that you’re after get the offers you want.

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