Pokemon Go A Very Slow Discovery field research tasks

Learn all the field research tasks and rewards for Pokemon Go's Slowpoke event.

Pokemon Go’s Slowpoke event brings a selection of new field research tasks to complete, all centered around our pink pal. If you’re eager to earn your rewards as quickly a possible, we’ve rounded up all the A Very Slow Discovery field research tasks and rewards for you below.

Pokemon Go A Very Slow Discovery field research tasks guide

Pokemon Go a very slow discovery field research tasks guide
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There are nine new research tasks to complete as part of the A Very Slow Discovery Slowpoke event. The event runs from June 8 to June 13, so you’ll need to get to work soon if you want to knock them all out. Here are all the research tasks you need to complete, and the rewards you’ll earn for each:

  • Catch 8 Water-type Pokemon
    • Reward: Slowpoke encounter
  • Catch 8 Psychic-type Pokemon
    • Reward: Slowpoke encounter
  • Evolve a Pokemon
    • Reward: 1x King Rock
  • Evolve a Psychic-type Pokemon
    • Reward: Slowpoke or Shellder encounter
  • Evolve one Slowpoke
    • Reward: 20x Mega Slowbro Energy
  • Evolve three Slowpoke
    • Reward: Galarian Slowpoke encounter
  • Win a raid in under 10 minutes
    • Reward: Slakoth encounter
  • Win a raid in under 60 seconds
    • Reward: Galarian Slowpoke encounter
  • Give your buddy three treats
    • Reward: Gulpin encounter

The Pokemon Go Slowpoke event also includes a Collection Challenge which tasks you with rounding up a Slowpoke (available in the wild or through the field research tasks above) before evolving it into a Slowbro and Slowking. 

The first evolution will require 50 Slowpoke Candy, and the second will require 50 Slowpoke Candy and a King’s Rock. Handy, then, that you’ll earn a King’s Rock from the research tasks above. You’ll gain Candy by using Pinap Berries on all the Slowpoke you catch.

Complete the lot of challenges and you’ll gain 3,000XP, 30 Ultra Balls, and a Slowpoke Forever Shirt you can slap on your Pokemon Go character.

That’s all there is to know about the Pokemon Go A Very Slow Discovery field research tasks, meaning you can get out there and start working on completing all the Slowpoke event challenges before June 13!

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