Father's Day gift guide for the dad gamer

Need a Father's Day gift for the gamer dad in your life? Check out these options.

Father's Day is coming up on June 19, so make sure you have a good gift ready for the gamer dad who's always there for an assist.

Whether he's former pro who never goes easy on you or just the casual team mate who constantly pops a head round the bedroom door to ask if you're winning, kit him out with something special this Father's Day.

Here are some great gift ideas for the gamer dad in your life this Father's Day.

Father's Day gift guide for gamer dads

A banging headset

If your house is anything like ours, everyone has their favorite set of headphones to use when they're relaxing. And for most dads, that pair probably hasn't been upgraded since Skyrim first released (on consoles, not fridges or whatever it's on these days). So treat your pops to not just a great audio experience, but a pop-free microphone too with the HyperX headphone that matches his console of choice. If his pride and joy is his custom-built PC rig then treat him to a wireless Cloud Flight S or for the dad on Team Green consider the CloudX Flight. For an easy upgrade, no matter what his old gear looks like, consider the Cloud Alpha series, or if he's a more discerning audiophile then check out the Cloud Orbit. Looking to get fancy for a father who likes his gaming on the go? The HyperX Cloud MIX Buds deliver stellar audio quality in a tiny, wireless package. Great for some mobile Switch gaming, but hook them up to your PC and you can enjoy 3D spatial audio thanks to DTS Hedphone:X technology.

A flashy keyboard

alloy origins fathers day gift guide

Is your dad of the day a PC player at heart? Spruce up his gaming space and add some immensely satisfying tactile clackiness by gifting the Alloy Origins mechanical keyboard. And if he's working with limited space, consider the Alloy Origins 65 instead. That's a 35% space-saving efficiency bonus. It's perfect for a compact PC setup or to take on the go. Who needs those pesky numpad keys anyway?

Philips Hue Play HDMI sync

Tech-loving dads are the hardest to buy for, they pretty much have all the best equipment already (and are very particular about the things they are still missing from their collection). However, little accent pieces like Philips Hue lights are great for finishing off a lounge or battlestation setup. The Philips Hue Play box is a great piece of kit, as it takes HDMI input signals and matches lighting to the edges of the picture signal, theoretically extending the screen colours beyond their boundaries. It doesn't passthrough 4K signals in its current model, but if you're still on 1080p, or watching DVDs or SD Blu Rays then it's a good addition to your home theatre. You can get the Philips Hue Play HDMI sync starter box on Amazon for $229.99, which is a little pricey but it does make a solid improvement to the ambience of any living room/dad cave.

Lego Star Wars The Razor Crest

If ever there was anything more laser-targeted at the modern dad, the Star Wars tale of Din Darin becoming an unexpected father being represented in Lego form is surely it. Adult Lego sets are exploding in popularity and complexity these days, and The Mandalorian's iconic Razor Crest ship is definitely one of the better selections you can get at the moment. Perfect for your geek dad. You can pick up The Razor Crest for $129.99 from Amazon although other retailers do exist, of course.

GRID exploded console artwork

If your dad is proud of his gamer heritage and wears his cred on his sleeve, this is the perfect piece of artwork for your home. Grid Studios make exploded views of iconic technology into objets d'art, and their gaming offerings should appeal to gamers of a certain vintage (read: old). They have PSP1000 or Game Boy versions (though the GB one is out of stock as of writing) and they both look stunning. Get them on the wall of the dad cave.

Switch accessories

If he's hogging the Switch on vacation trips then give him something to make those Zelda sessions stretch a little longer on June 21, he deserves it after all. Pick up a ChargePlay Clutch to extend his game time for another five hours on your next fishing trip together. If he likes to play co-op with you (or thrash you at Mario Kart, unrelentingly) then perhaps a ChargePlay Quad Joy-Con charging stand will get you back into races faster. Or, if he prefers his game sessions to be quality alone time, some noise-excluding earbuds like the Cloud Earbuds will go down nicely. 

Some HyperX swag

If your pops is a little hipper than most then you can keep him even cosier during play sessions with some gamer-approved HyperX apparel, as long as you know his size. Check out the hoodie, tee or hat for loafing around the house, or if he does have to head outside, there's a fetching red mask to keep him safe. No socks though, sorry, we know it's a classic present but break the mold this year.

Header image courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto,via Pexels.


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