Tekken's Kazuya joins Smash Bros. Ultimate

The demon kingpin Kazuya Mishima joins Smash Ultimate from Tekken by throwing everyone off a cliff.

Kazuya Mishima, the main antagonist of the Tekken series, will be joining Smash Bros. Ultimate as a new downloadable fighter.

The latest DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate comes from yet another classic fighting game franchise, making the dream of Street Fighter vs Tekken very real.

A trailer featuring Kazuya Mishima's debut in the Smash universe headlined the Nintendo Direct today as part of the E3/Summer Game Fest mess this week.

The trailer also showed many of Kazuya's signature moves, complete with their brilliant names like Double Demon God Punch or whatever. Sorry the coverage of this would usually be a little more informed but our fighting game buff is on honeymoon this week. Please understand.

There will be even more details on Kazuya's moveset in a special stream of Mr Sakurai Presents on June 28 at 7am PT/10am ET. Check that out for the full skinny on his hot moves.


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