The best Prime Day gaming deals

The best Prime Day discounts on PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch games, as well as some great HyperX gear.

The now annual mini Black Friday of Prime Day is here to get us through the summer with some retail therapy. This year a number of other retailers are running their own rival sales, where you may be able to pick up some decent discounts on tech, as long as you aren't after a graphics card or a new console. You can't find those for love or money at the moment, let alone with a discount to boot. However, if you are in the market for a few dollars off some great next-gen games then here are the best Prime Day deals in gaming.

Best Prime Day PS5 gaming deals

Sadly, with so many console shortages, there's basically no good hardware deals for the PS5 in Prime Day options this year. Over in the UK they can get some bundles with DualSense controllers but that's about it. There are some decent discounts on games though, if you're balking at the thought of paying $70 for Sony exclusives. Here are the best Prime Day deals on PS5 games we could find:

Best Prime Day Xbox gaming deals

Same goes for Xbox Series X and S, shortages mean you're lucky to find the consoles at full price anywhere, let alone a discount. Amazon is doing some really deep cuts on games that look great on the new consoles though, including the recently released Judgment for basically half price.

Best Prime Day Nintendo Switch gaming deals

Switch deals in Prime Day are a bit thicker on the ground thanks to more stable stock of the dang things, for one. However, the mighty Nintendo Price Wall doesn't tumble easily, so there aren't very deep discounts on the games themselves. Pick yourself up a cheap Switch Lite and get stuck in with some of these essentials that we did find on discount.

Best Prime Day deals on HyperX gear

There are dozens of new deals today on HyperX headsets, keyboards, mice, mousemats and glasses. Among them you can get up to 35% off the Cloud MIX, 40% off the Pulsefire Surge mouse and 38% off the ChargePlay Duo Xbox controller charging station.

You can check out all the HyperX Prime Day deals on the Amazon store page.


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