Steam Summer Sale: Best deals on new releases

The best Steam Summer Sale 2021 offers for games from the last year.

The Steam Summer Sale has stretched its gaping maw wide once more, ready to guzzle as much money as you’re willing to offer up. Every discount is tempting, but if you’re after newer releases, we’ve rounded up some of the Steam Summer Sale’s best deals available below to make the most of your spare cash.

Steam Summer Sale: Best deals on new releases

We’ve included both AAA and indie titles from the last year of releases, so scan the list below to find titles of interest to you from the Steam Summer Sale’s best deals.

Persona 5 Strikers - $40 (£37) -33%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games persona 5 strikers
© Atlus

If you’ve managed to complete the entirety of Persona 5 Royal and still find yourself hungry for Phantom Thieves action, Person 5 Strikers takes the crew into Musou territory. One of the best adaptations of the Dynasty Warriors formula, Strikers has an entertaining story and plenty of unique combat twists.

Outriders - $39 (£32.50) -35%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games Outriders
© People Can Fly

The shaky server launch for Outriders is thankfully distant history at this point, meaning you can blast through the entirety of this looter-shooter without trouble. The solo action is decidedly weaker, so make sure you’ve got an interested pal or two to join in the fun. Survive the bland tutorial and you’ll be unleashing brightly colored sci-fi magic together to obliterate hordes of goons.

Mundaun - $16 (£13) -20%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games Mundaun
© Hidden Fields

The hand-pencilled art of Mundaun delivers a horror atmosphere thicker than a 2H pencil. Exploring a valley in the alps, you’ll need to solve unsettling puzzles, and avoid the interests of certain, unpleasant inhabitants of the region. Fans of Amnesia and classic Resident Evil will find plenty to enjoy here.

Little Nightmares 2 - $24 (£20) -20%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games Little Nightmares
© Tarsier Studios

Given how recently it was released, 20% off Little Nightmares 2 is a steal, especially when it was already cheap to begin with. Even more beautiful (and disgusting) than the original, Little Nightmares 2 follows new protagonist Mono as they explore an awful world of monstrous people alongside Six. If you’ve missed out on the story so far, the original is available for just $5 in the Steam Summer Sale deals too.

Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition - $40 (£40) -20%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games Nioh 2
© Koei Tecmo

If you’ve mopped up all of FromSoft’s collection and want something new to test your talents, Nioh 2’s complex combat is a fantastic next step. Challenging boss encounters are best faced with a friend in co-op, and the complete edition packs three DLC expansions to keep you slogging away in battle for plenty of hours. Sadly, UK buyers get a poorer offer here.

Before Your Eyes - $7.99 (£6.40) -20%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games before your eyes
© GoodbyeWorld Games

This short, narrative adventure will only take you a few hours to complete, but it has earned critical acclaim for good reason. Before Your Eyes genius core concept sees you exploring moments from a deceased artist’s life, moving between scenes by blinking. It’s intended to be played with a webcam, with your real, inevitable blinks pushing the story forward.

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut - $26 (£23) -35%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games disco elysium

One of the best role-playing games of the last decade. Disco Elysium - The Final Cut impressively adds full voice acting for the entire game, along with more quests to enjoy. One no classic RPG fans should miss out on.

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… - $45 (£37.50) -25%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games Nier Replicant
© Square Enix

2B’s journey brought the Nier franchise to stardom, and this recent remake offers the perfect chance for new fans to discover a cult classic title. Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… includes a massive visual improvement, and features improvement combat thanks to support work by PlatinumGames, who crafted Nier Automata.

Paradise Killer - $14 (£11) -30%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games Paradise Killer
© Kaizen Game Works

Just nipping it within the last year of releases, the superb Paradise Killer is also on offer for just shy of $15. In this unusual reality, Paradise has been killed, and it’s up to detective Lady Love Dies to uncover which of the outlandish characters you’ll speak with is guilty. Paradise Killer has been swapped with stellar reviews, and includes a fantastic soundtrack to complement its open world investigation.

Maquette - $15 (£11.60) -25%

Steam Summer Sale best deals new games Maquette
© Graceful Decay

Maquette’s overarching love story proves a little hit and miss, but the core concept is well worth enduring it for. This 3D puzzle game is set in a reciprocal world which repeats itself on larger scales as you head outward and smaller, inward. Items like boxes and stairs carried between each ring open up new paths to explore new memories from a broken relationship.

Those are our picks for the best deals from the Steam Summer Sale 2021. Spotted any other fantastic offers? Share them in the comments below.

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