Tetris 99 tees off with Mario Golf: Super Rush theme this weekend

Sink some holes and your rivals at the same time.

This weekend sees Mario Golf: Super Rush join Tetris 99, with a new theme arriving on the blocky fairway. 

The Tetris 99 Mario Golf: Super Rush theme will be available from 12am PT on July 9, running all the way through to midnight PT July 12. It’s the 22nd Maximus Cup within Tetris 99, and you’d best be dressing smartly unless you want to earn a few tuts from the onlookers.

As with previous Tetris 99 themes, you’ll need to score a total of 100 event points to unlock the Mario Golf: Super Rush theme. Nintendo has released a video showcasing the in-game theme, which comes with a selection of music from the standard play and boss battles in the latest sports title. Check it out below:

Along with a clean backdrop of Mario putting his driver to work, the Tetris 99 Mario Gold: Super Rush theme adds a golf ball surface effect to the blocks you’re dropping and a fairway green to the play area, as well with some seriously satisfying sound effects. Any time you drop a full line-clear with the straight block you can enjoy that brilliant sound of the ball dropping gently into the hole. That’s enough incentive for anyone to perform.

The points you’ll earn are based on your position in the games you play during the event runtime, so even if you’re having a rough day, play enough games and you’re bound to earn it. If you’re new to Tetris 99, the unusual battle royale title see you attempting to survive longer than, just shy of a hundred rival tetris players, with impressive line clears allowing you to attack opponent’s positions with unwanted extra blocks. Check out our full breakdown of how to play Tetris 99 to find out how to download it and get started.

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