GameCube is trending on Twitter and it's making us nostalgic

Metroid Prime, The Wind Waker, F-Zero GX, and The Thousand Year Door? The GameCube had it all.

20-year-old consoles are all the rage these days, didn’t you hear? No, the Nintendo GameCube didn’t hit a milestone today, but that hasn’t stopped it from flooding social media with its tiny minidiscs and compact form.

Nintendo gamecube trending twitter
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Why is GameCube trending on Twitter? It’s all thanks to a much-loved old console making an appearance in Discord’s video game day giveaway yesterday. Despite the presence of an Xbox Series X, PS5, and Switch Lite, it was the battered old body of a “broken” silver Nintendo GameCube that caught most onlookers’ eyes.

From there, fans of Nintendo’s mini-yet-mighty machine took the wheel, using the opportunity to share their love of classic GameCube titles, and the longevity of the cubist console.

We don’t think we’ll ever forget that start up jingle, and neither, it seems, will Twitter.

Nintendo’s machine may have lacked the power of the PlayStation 2 or Xbox, but it more than made up for that with a bespoke library of stone cold classics. Luigi’s Mansion, Wind Waker and Metroid Prime? That’s too much quality for one machine to handle.

Ahh, Double Dash, you had some strange handling but we’d love another shot at your glorious co-op formula. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is still one of the best RPGs ever made, and we’re still desperately waiting for Nintendo to reveal a new F-Zero title. Starfox Assault? Er, it was certainly a GameCube game...

The GameCube was also a place for experimentation, with new series like Mario Strikers (we’re getting a revival when exactly, Nintendo?) and Super Monkey Ball making their debut.

And, of course, the GameCube was also home to Super Smash Bros. Melee, the fighting game that just won’t give up and has forced Nintendo to support the GameCube controller to this day. What a legacy. 

What games do you miss from the Nintendo GameCube? All this nostalgia has got us desperate to crack open that top-mounted disc drive. We’re pretty sure our purple block is still stashed away somewhere in the attic...

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