This Super Mario smartwatch will set you back over $2,000

It's-a-millionaire, Mario!

Mario’s collaboration game has ticked up a notch, thanks to this expensive new Tag Heuer Super Mario watch.

Revealed today, the Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario watch is a limited-production version of the Tag Heuer Connected featuring a bold red design to match our favorite Italian plumber. It also classic iconography from the series around the rim of the face, with a mushroom, pipe, and star on show. The clasp at the back and side dials also display the classic M from Mario’s cap.

Super mario watch tag heuer
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The three displays shown include one featuring a step counter and Mario waving, a darker metallic design with 2D artwork of Mario’s face, and a retro design with time displayed in old-school blocks. For all that, you’ll need to be willing to drop a hefty $2,150 when a limited number become available on July 15th.

It makes use of the watch’s Wear OS to display several different Mario-themed watch faces, all of which will be exclusive to the model for a limited time. After that expires, Tag Heuer Connected owners will be able to download the Mario displays to their devices.

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“Unveiling our newest collaboration that’s sure to bring both the watchmaking and gaming worlds in new territories,” a post on the Tag Heuer instagram page reads. “Nintendo’s iconic character, Mario, is taking over the TAG Heuer Connected with a new limited edition timepiece in a daring, creative style. Available for purchase on July 15th”

The watch OS includes unique animations which play when users reach certain milestones for their activity goals. Put in the work to break 25% of your goal and you’ll get an animation of Mario grabbing a ‘shroom, 50% pops the plumber out of a green pipe, 75% sees him grabbing a star to sprint forward with invincibility, while 100% means Mario will grab the top of the flagpole as you complete the level.

If you're interested in the Tag Heuer Collected x Super Mario watch, you'll need to register your interest on the official website.

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