Tom Clancy's XDefiant gameplay, classes, and details we know so far

Ubisoft's new shooter is gunning for Call of Duty's crown - here's everything we know so far.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant isn’t exactly what any of us expected. A game which folds the Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Division worlds into one? And it’s a Call of Duty style shooter with hero powers? To help you get your head around Tom Clancy’s ultimate crossover title, we’ve rounded up all the details we know so far on XDefiant gameplay, classes, and content.

What is XDefiant?

What is xdefiant new shooter ubisoft
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A competitive, 6v6 team first-person shooter in which players control members of factions from other Tom Clancy video games. Unlike Rainbow Six Siege, XDefiant is a fast-paced, mobile FPS which takes clear inspiration from the Call of Duty series in terms of gunplay and speed. Characters have access to powers to give them an advantage in a firefight, and Ultra abilities which can swing matches their way.

XDefiant classes and factions

Xdefiant classes and factions
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XDefiant features four main factions, each of which corresponds to a traditional class role for your team and comes from one of the Tom Clancy video games.

  • Wolves (Ghost Recon): The Tank class of XDefiant, Wolves have extra health and shield abilities to keep their side safe.

  • Cleaners (The Division): The aggressive assault class. Comes with damage-dealing abilities to take out the opposition.
  • Outcasts (The Division): Healers capable of deploying items which regenerate nearby allies.
  • Echelon (Splinter Cell): The sneaky support class able to gather intel on the opposition or deny them powers/information.

Each faction has access to unique abilities and ultimates, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with a specific setup as in a game like Overwatch. Each faction allows you to choose between a selection of passives and gadgets alongside your Ultra ability.

Ubisoft promises that further factions will be joining the game after launch, so don’t rule out the likes of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operatives from testing their skills in the arena.

XDefiant abilities

XDefiant abilities classes
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So what powers and gadgets have we seen so far for each of the factions? Quite a few were shown off in the reveal trailer. Here’s what we’ve spotted so far:


  • Ultra: A dome shield which surrounds and moves with you, possibly comes with a minigun/shotgun hybrid
  • A deployable one-way shield which stops incoming bullets in front of you


  • Ultra: An equippable flamethrower


  • A deployable a totem which heals all nearby allies
  • A large grenade which damages nearby enemies over time in the impact area


  • Ultra: A scan which reveals enemies through walls
  • A grenade which disables enemy shields and gadgets
  • Temporary invisibility

Other abilities:

  • A deployable ordnance turret

Loadout and weapon customization in XDefiant

Xdefiant weapons abilities
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XDefiant promises in-depth loadout customization, with a huge range of attachments available for weapons in addition to the faction abilities and gadgets mentioned above. What weapons are included in XDefiant? The gameplay trailer showed off a healthy arsenal of assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, LMGs, and SMGs. You’ll be able to adjust your faction and weapons between respawns mid-match, so you won’t be stuck dying over and over after testing out a less conventional combo that doesn’t pan out.

XDefiant maps and modes

According to PC Gamer, XDefiant’s first beta will include ten maps with five different modes to play. The details for each mode haven’t been revealed, but here are the names:

  • Domination (Arena)
  • Ringleader (Arena)
  • Upload (Arena)
  • Escort (Linear)
  • Zone Control (Linear)

It’s likely that Arena maps such as Domination, Ringleader, and Upload will be variations on your standard deathmatch and control point gameplay, while Linear maps could be closer in design to Overwatch’s Payload maps.

Will XDefiant have crossplay?

Xdefiant crossplay support
© Ubisoft

Yes. Or, it should, anyway. Ubisoft is expecting to support crossplay from launch, but there’s no guarantee that’ll actually be the case or what form it’ll take. It could be crossplay between consoles, or also allow PC players to join the party as well.

XDefiant release date

As yet, unconfirmed. There’s a closed beta on the way soon for US PC players (learn how to sign up here). Given how heavily the reveal emphasized fan feedback, we expect it won’t be too long before the game releases in some form of open beta before working towards an official release next year.

XDefiant reveal trailer

And finally, here’s that reveal trailer again, just in case you wanted another watch.

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