Pokemon Unite controls guide

Master the Pokemon Unite controls before you step into the arena.

Pokemon Unite’s online arenas are no place for fumbling around with buttons, as one wrong input could see you roasting on a Charmeleon’s tail flame. To help you keep on top of the action, we’ve got the full Pokemon Unite controls broken down below for easy reference.

Pokemon Unite controls guide

Pokemon Unite controls guide
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Check the image above for the full Pokemon Unite controls, or make use of the table list below! The controls for Pokemon Unite are fully remappable within the settings menu.




Left Analog Stick

Move Targeting

Right Analog Stick



Cancel Move


Score (In Opponent Goal Zone)


Use Items


Move 1

R (Right Bumper)

Move 2

Zr (Right Trigger)

Unite Move

Zl (Left Trigger)

View Map

L (Left Bumper)


- Button

Open Menu

+ Button

Learn Move 1

Left D-pad

Learn Move 2

Right D-pad

To Base

Down D-pad

Quick Chat Menu

Up D-pad

View Details

Click In Right Analog Stick

By default, your Pokemon Unite controls will make your Pokemon attack the enemy with the lowest HP within range. However, you can swap this in the game settings to attack enemies with the lowest percentage HP. You can also adjust the aim assist of certain abilities. 

The right analog stick is vital in Pokemon Unite, as it allows you to precisely choose the direction of many attacks. This means you can use charging abilities not just to chase enemies, but to run away as well. 

Don’t forget that for targeted area-of-effect abilities, you can also adjust the position using the right analog stick. Use this to aim ahead of opponents as they run away when low on health! Practice this often and you’ll be well on your way to outclassing most opponents in Pokemon Unite.

You gain new moves as you level up in Pokemon Unite. At key levels, you'll need to pick between two different abilities to replace one of your current slots. Learning each Pokemon's moves will be vital for success.

That’s all we can teach you for the full Pokemon Unite controls, but we’ll have more guides up for the game before long, so be sure to visit our Pokemon Unite hub page. How are you enjoying your time in the Unite arena? Let us know in the comments below.

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