The HyperX Discord is LIVE and you can join the family here

The doors to the HyperX Discord are now open and you can join the party right here.

The HyperX Discord is now open and welcoming a friendly community of gamers across the globe! If you want to stay up to date with HyperX gear drops, or just hang out with a bunch of cool people (no bias) then head on in!

Join the HyperX Discord through this link and then accept the rules by reacting with a tick mark and you'll be able to look for groups to play with, or be notified of the latest news from HyperX. Make sure to visit the #role-select channel to tag yourself with the notifications you want, and have fun!

Just in case you want to check before you join, here are the rules you need to abide by to keep everything running smoothly. Good luck, have fun!

HyperX Discord Rules

1. Be respectful and do not harass other users.

If there is a time you feel threatened or uncomfortable while in this server, do not hesitate to open a moderation ticket. You can do so by DMing @ModMail. Behavior of this kind is not tolerated in our community, period.

Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to, racism, hate speech, ableism, homophobia, insults, threats, slurs, and other malicious behavior.

Do not excessively annoy other users. If you are asked to stop, you must stop.

Do not excessively ping users that ask not to be. This includes ghost pinging (pinging then deleting the message).

Keep personal drama out of server channels.

Emotes or gifs that include flashing or other epileptic triggers are not allowed under any circumstances.

2. Don’t spam messages or emotes.

Keep all spam in spam channels.

3. Do not intentionally troll, provoke, mock, or derail others and their conversations.

4. No NSFW/NSFL content is allowed, period.

5. Use appropriate usernames and profile pictures.

Profile pictures, nicknames, and usernames must follow the rules enforced in this server. NSFW/NSFL images, spoilers, offensive content, etc. are not allowed to be in your profile display. You will be muted and warned to change it by a mod if found to be in violation. Refusal to change can escalate to a kick/ban.

Do not impersonate other users or bots. This can interfere with communication processes necessary for staff to properly moderate the server.

6. Do not spoil other users in games, movies, tv shows, etc.

How to spoiler tag:

7. Follow chat etiquette.

Keep conversations relevant to the intended topic of the text channel. If a mod asks you to use an appropriate channel, move immediately or stop the conversation.

8. All channels are to be free of controversial and/or sensitive topics.

9. This server is strictly English only for moderation purposes.

10. No self or organizational promotions are allowed.

11. Be respectful to staff and their time.

Do not ping staff unless it is an emergency.

Do not DM staff if issues arise. Please utilize @ModMail to message moderators. You can DM this bot to start a ticket.

12. Linking or sending harmful material such as viruses, harmware, scam sites, etc. will result in a permanent ban.

Please be careful when clicking on links that take you to external sites that are sent by other users. Take necessary precautions and observe links that are sent by others before clicking on them. If you see a user send suspicious links, please report it by DMing @ModMail.


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