Animal Crossing New Horizons' Cafe could still be on the way

Newly datamined details point towards the Animal Crossing cafe arriving as a museum expansion.

Brewster. It’s a name that sends shivers of excitement and rage down the spines of Animal Crossing’s most dedicated fans. Pretty much since Animal Crossing New Horizons’ release in March last year, series stalwarts have been begging for the addition of Brewster’s cafe as a social space to visit on their island. So far, the elusive pigeon has kept his lattes well hidden, leaving fans wondering if the popular attraction from previous titles was coming at all. There’s the potential of good news (and delicious beverages) on the horizon, however, as a new datamine indicates that the Animal Crossing cafe could be arriving after all.

As spotted by Animal Crossing World, the Version 1.11 update brought another adjustment to code referencing a Museum Cafe. This included the flag ‘cNpcMemory:TalkProgressMuseumBuiltCafe’, seemingly related to dialogue with villagers about the completed cafe. This could indicate that players will be required to complete construction of an expansion to the museum before the cafe can be installed. Another new addition is titled 'IdrMuseumEnt03' - a name which could imply Brewster's store will get its own separate entrance from the outside or main hall.

Animal Crossing New Horizons brewsters cafe
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Brewster’s Cafe, typically known as ‘The Roost,’ has appeared in several handheld Animal Crossing games as a museum expansion. In New Leaf, the pigeon barista’s success saw him upgraded to an entirely separate building. If these code updates are to be believed, he’ll be relegated back to a museum expansion if New Horizons does get an update. It’s likely that, at this stage, Nintendo doesn’t want to force players to restructure their islands too heavily to accommodate the extra space a new building would require.

It’s worth noting that datamines are never a confirmation of inclusion. Several major updates which have appeared in datamines on previous updates haven’t been added to the game. It’s always possible that this is an idea that was decided against and won’t be fully implemented. Even if it is in the works, we don't know when it'll arrive in-game, though Nintendo still promises more content updates are on the way. But still, we can dream of a cozy cafe space to share a cuppa with our villagers, can’t we? Be sure to check out Animal Crossing World’s full breakdown of the details found in the Animal Crossing New Horizons cafe datamine.

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