Genshin Impact: Thunder Sakura locations to solve Sakura Arborism quest

How to find Thunder Sakura locations to remove the 'juvenile antics' in Genshin Impact's Sakura Arborism quest.

If you're out looking for Thunder Sakura locations in Genshin Impact's Inazuma islands then you must be on a quest to fix the lightning-striking trees dotted around Kannazuka.

The Sakura Arborism quest will send you off to find five of these Thunder Sakura, in order to help heal the mess of damage a bunch of Treasure Hoarders have inflicted with their "juvenile antics". However unless you comb the area around the questgiver, you might not have run into these trees yet. Here's where to find all five Thunder Sakura in Genshin Impact.

Thunder Sakura locations

Thunder Sakura locations Genshin Impact inazuma
The five Thunder Sakura locations are marked with exclamation marks, the questgiver to start the quest is also marked.

In Genshin Impact's Sakura Arborism quest there are 5 Thunder Sakura locations to find in order to remove the Treasure Hoarders' juvenile antics. If you want to heal these trees so they don't get in your way anymore, you can begin the quest by finding the questgiver, Miyuki, at the central marker on the map above.

She'll begin a quest asking you to "remove juvenile antics on Thunder Sakura" and you'll have to go off and figure it out. If you want to do that on your own, be on your merry way, but below are some tips if you get stuck.

How to heal Thunder Sakura

thunder sakura locations how to heal
Make sure you don't get hit by the lightning though (Ayaka learned the hard way)

When you find each Thunder Sakura, you can heal it by using Elemental Sight (middle mouse button/L1+left D-pad) to find these glowing circles on the ground. Once you know where they are, run into the middle of the circle until the Thunder Sakura is about to hit you with a bolt of lightning, then dodge out of the way to avoid it. If the lightning struck the circle a glowing purple point will appear above where the circle was and you can begin looking for the next circle to hit with lightning using your Elemental Sight.

You need to hit three circles with the Thunder Sakura's lightning, and they may be hidden right at the edges of the lightning's range, up on top of cliffs or below small ledges, so keep searching around to find them.

Once you've hit all three, the Thunder Sakura will bloom and stop hitting you with lightning, which is a relief. You can also now go and open a Common Chest near the trunk of the tree. But don't leave after that, to heal the Thunder Sakura you need to interact with the yellow glowing point on the trunk of the tree. Once you do that at all five Thunder Sakura locations, head back to see Miyuki at the location on the map above and you'll learn a bit more about what the Treasure Hoarders (and the trees) are doing.

That's all you need to find the five Thunder Sakura locations in Genshin Impact and get those trees healed. If there's anything else you need to know about the Inazuma update, check out our other Genshin Impact guides here.


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