Street Fighter's Akuma prepares to throw down in Monster Hunter Rise

Hadouken download the new Capcom Collab on August 27.

The next Capcom Collab update for Monster Hunter Rise brings Street Fighter’s Akuma to the hunt.

Akuma is due to arrive August 27, with today’s trailer showcasing his mastery of the Satui no Hado, complete with hadoukens and spin kicks to unleash on those poor monsters. As with previous Capcom Collabs, the DLC will be entirely free, arriving as an Event Quest reward. 

Monster Hunter Rise Akuma Capcom collab dlc
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Complete the in-game mission and you’ll be rewarded with the Akuma layered armor set for your hunter. Based on the reveal trailer, it appears that the set may replace the visuals of the Sword and Shield weapon to make them invisible such that Akuma’s getting stuck in with his fists as usual. Don’t worry, he can also use the rest of Monster Hunter Rise’s arsenal if a different tool is more your style.

Akuma is the third Capcom Collab release to hit Monster Hunter Rise. The special Event Quest will arrive the day after three smaller DLC additions on August 26. The second Capcom Collab DLC drop on July 30 saw Okami’s Amaterasu bound her way into the world as a Palamute layered armor set. The first formed a connection between Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, which was released in June this year. A unique armor set is also available for anyone who has save data for both Monster Hunter Rise and Wings of Ruin on their Switch console.

Two more Capcom Collabs are planned for Monster Hunter Rise, with both marked for release in Fall this year. Given its anniversary this year and the launch of Resident Evil Village, we’d be surprised if Capcom’s iconic survival horror series didn’t make an appearance in some way, but that still leaves one more collaboration slot to be filled. Which Capcom series would you like to see crossover after the Monster Hunter Rise Akuma DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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