Tim Schafer snags 2018 BAFTA Fellowship award

This year's BAFTA Fellowship has officially been awarded to Double Fine's Tim Schafer.

Double Fine founder and Monkey Island co-creator Tim Schafer has officially earned this year’s BAFTA Fellowship prize. For those unfamiliar with the BAFTA Fellowship award, it has only been given out eight times within the last decade, all to big names within the gaming industry.

For example, other recipients of the BAFTA Fellowship include Shigeru Miyamoto, John Carmack, Gabe Newell, Peter Molyneux, David Braben, Will Wright, and Nolan Bushnell. Tim Schafer is set to officially pick up his award at the 2018 British Academy Games Awards on Thursday, April 12.

Addressing the BAFTA Fellowship win, Schafer stated:

“I am surprised, humbled, and honored to be receiving the BAFTA Fellowship this year. BAFTA’s long-standing support of video games and championing of creativity and strong storytelling in that medium have had an extremely positive impact, and I’m very grateful to be recognized.”

Aside from Monkey Island, other games under Schafer’s name include Full Throttle, Costume Quest, Brutal Legend, Broken Age, Psychonauts, and Psychonauts 2, among others.

To learn more about Schafer and his contributions to gaming, it’s worth noting that he’ll be paying a visit to the indie games show EGX Rezzed which takes place from April 13-15. There, he’ll be interviewed on stage, and will participate in a variety of meet-and-greet sessions. For more on how you can attend EGX Rezzed, be sure to check out the event’s official website.

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