Deathloop controls guide

Learn the Deathloop PS5 controls so you can become a Slab savant as you track down each and every visionary.

If you’re going to break the loop, you’ll need to make sure you’ve mastered the full Deathloop controls for your platform of choice. Guns, powers, and gadgets are all at your command but only if you know how to use them. Fortunately we’ve listed the complete PS5 controls for Deathloop below for you to check through. Scroll down to the input you’re after, then feel free to practice as much as you like in game, after all, each failure will just send you back to the start of the loop!

Deathloop controls guide

Deathloop controls guide ps5
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We’ve listed the full Deathloop PS5 controls below. We’re aiming to update this article with the PC controls as well once we’ve got access. Sorry if you’re here early, PC players!


PS5 Controls


Left Analog Stick


Right Analog Stick


(Hold O) Left Analog Stick



Reload / Interact 


Sheathe Weapon

Hold Square




(While Sprinting) O

Swap Weapon

Triangle (Hold For Weapon Wheel)

Sprint / Dodge

L3 (Click In Left Analog Stick)


R3 (Click In Right Analog Stick)

Use Slab / Gadget


Use Machete / Stealth Kill


Aim Down Sights / Shoot (Left Hand)




Select Slab

D-Pad Up

Slab Wheel

(Hold) D-Pad Up

Dual-Wield Weapons / Toggle Weapon Mode

D-Pad Right

Weapon Wheel

(Hold) Triangle or (Hold) D-Pad Right

Select Gadget

D-Pad Left

Gadget Wheel

(Hold) D-Pad Left

Tag Target

Focus Target / (As Juliana) Alert

D-Pad Down

(Hold) D-Pad Down 

Memories Menu



Options Button

Deathloop fits an awful lots of inputs onto one controller, so go easy on yourself if you can’t remember precisely what D-Pad button does what in the heat of a fight. Remember, you’ll need to unlock and equip different slabs before activating them with a tap of L1. Make sure you know which item is equipped in your left hand before you use it or you could accidentally teleport into a turret’s line of sight! Likewise, you’ll need to  bear in mind which weapons you’re using to know if you can dual wield or use a gadget while fighting.

If you want to get involved in the multiplayer, Juliana’s Deathloop controls match Colt’s in almost all regards. The main difference is in how her Tag function works. Instead of Focusing on an NPC, Juliana can alert any nearby NPCs to Colt’s presence, shifting the odds in her favor.

With our Deathloop PS5 controls, you’re already well on your way to breaking the loop. You can check the Deathloop controls at any time and even remap them from the game’s settings menu. We’ll have more Deathloop guides up soon, so check back on the game’s hub page for more useful advice.

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