Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth headphones support

No more jacking it.

We bet you thought it would never happen. In a glorious moment for the wireless lovers in life, today’s Nintendo Switch system update will add support for Bluetooth audio, meaning you can finally pair those wireless earbuds for some handheld gaming.

As shared on the Nintendo of America Twitter account, the feature will add a new tab in the System Settings menu. Here you can choose to pair a device, linking it with your Switch. When the Bluetooth audio is active, the quick menu opened by holding the home button will include the Bluetooth symbol under the volume controls.

There are some restrictions to keep in mind, however. As Nintendo’s online voice chat is limited to the Nintendo Switch Online app, it’s not possible to pair Bluetooth microphones. Nor is it possible to use Bluetooth while playing over local communication.

You’ll be able to pair up to ten different devices with your Nintendo Switch, but one only can be active at a time. Finally, only two wireless controllers can be connected while using Bluetooth audio. You’ll only be able to pair more when the audio device has been disconnected. Nintendo also includes a warning regarding audio latency with certain Bluetooth devices.

To make use of the new Bluetooth audio support for Switch, ensure that you have updated your system to the latest version, You can do this manually from the System tab in the System Settings menu. Select System Update and your device will check if it’s running the latest version, which should be 13.0.0 as of today’s update.

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