The Valorant Berlin Masters playoffs teams have been decided

Eight sides battle to be Valorant's Berlin Masters champions this weekend.

It’s been an intense week, but after pitched battles each and every day, the Valorant Berlin Masters playoff teams have been decided. The group stages have wrapped up, leaving eight sides to fight for the title of Valorant Stage 3 champions. It’s not just a prize pool on the line either – winning here means plenty of points toward qualifying for the year-ending Champions tournament. With the playoffs starting today, here’s a quick look at all the teams waging a radiant-fuelled war this weekend.

Valorant Berlin Masters playoffs teams

Valorant Berlin Masters teams playoffs
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After qualifying through regional Challengers events, each of the sides below fought to secure a top two place in their pool-stage group. Qualifiers have made it through from the EMEA, NA, LATAM, and KR regions. Here are the all teams that made it through to the playoffs.

Vision Strikers

Valorant Berlin Masters playoffs teams Vision Strikers


  • stax
  • Rb
  • k1Ng
  • BuZz
  • MaKo

Qualified from: Group A, first

First match opponent: Gambit Esports


Valorant Masters Berlin teams acend


  • cNed
  • Kiles
  • starxo
  • Zeek

Qualified from: Group A, second

First match opponent: 100 Thieves

Team Envy

Valorant berlin masters teams playoffs schedule Envy


  • FNS
  • yay
  • Victor
  • crashies
  • Marved

Qualified from: Group B, first

First match opponent: Sentinels

KRÜ Esports

Valorant berlin masters teams playoffs KRU


  • Klaus
  • Mazino
  • NagZ
  • delz1k
  • keznit

Qualified from: Group B, second

First match opponent: Sentinels

100 Thieves

Valorant berlin masters teams playoffs 100 Thieves


  • Hiko
  • nitr0
  • steel
  • Asuna
  • Ethan

Qualified from: Group C, first

First match opponent: Acend

Gambit Esports

Valorant berlin masters teams playoffs Gambit


  • d3ffo
  • Chronicle
  • nAts
  • Redgar
  • Sheydos

Qualified from: Group C, second

First match opponent: Vision Strikers

G2 Esports

Valorant berlin masters teams playoffs  G2 Esports


  • mixwell
  • nukkye
  • AvovA
  • koldamenta
  • keloqz

Qualified from: Group D, first

First match opponent: KRÜ Esports


Valorant berlin masters teams playoffs Sentinels


  • ShaZaM
  • SicK
  • zombs
  • dapr
  • TenZ

Qualified from: Group D, second

First match opponent: Team Envy

Valorant Berlin Masters Playoffs Schedule

Valorant Berlin masters playoffs schedule
Image Credit: Liquidpedia

With the teams decided, here’s how the bracket for the playoffs will take place. It’s worth noting that this is a best-of-three, single-elimination bracket. That means if a side loses a single showdown, they’re out of the event. The grand finals will be a best-of-five battle between the two tops teams. And for NA fans watching, Sentinels’ second-place group finish means that only one NA side is capable of securing a place in the grand final. Here’s when each match will take place:

Quarterfinal 1:

  • Teams: Vision Strikers Vs. Gambit Esports
  • Date/Time: September 17 – 04:10am PT / 07:10am ET / 12:10pm BST / 13:10pm CEST
  • Winner: Gambit Esports

Quarterfinal 2:

  • Teams: G2 Esports Vs. KRÜ Esports
  • Date/Time: September 17 – 07:30am PT / 10:30am ET / 15:30pm BST / 16:30pm CEST

Quarterfinal 3:

  • Teams: 100 Thieves Vs. Acend
  • Date/Time: September 17 – 09:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 18:00pm BST / 19:00pm CEST

Quarterfinal 4:

  • Teams: Team Envy Vs. Sentinels
  • Date/Time: September 17 – 13:00pm PT / 16:00pm ET / 21:00pm BST / 22:00pm CEST

Semifinal 1:

  • Teams: Quarterfinal 3 Winner Vs. Quarterfinal 4 Winner
  • Date/Time: September 18 – 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 17:00pm BST / 18:00pm CEST

Semifinal 2:

  • Teams: Gambit Esports Vs. Quarterfinal 2 Winner
  • Date/Time: September 18 – 12:00pm PT / 15:00pm ET / 20:00pm BST / 21:00pm CEST

Grand Final

  • Teams: Semifinal 1 Winner Vs. Semifinal 2 Winner
  • Date/Time: September 19 – 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 17:00pm BST / 18:00pm CEST

Every match of the Valorant Berlin Masters playoffs will be hosted on the Valorant Twitch channel, which we've embedded below for easy viewing.

That’s the full schedule along with all the Valorant Berlin Masters teams taking part in the playoffs. Who are you rooting for? Share your support in the comments below.

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