Sea of Thieves Season 4 fishes up even more adventure beneath the waves

The sea calls once again as Sea of Thieves Season 4 adds new underwater activities.

Sea of Thieves Season 4 launches this week on Seaptember 23, and there's a new trailer to show off all the underwater adventures laying in store.

Last season's Jack Sparrow-riffic introduction to more subnautical mayhem continues with even more enemies and activities beneath the waves in the form of Siren Shrines and Coral beasties.

Players can find coral-encrusted bottles on beaches with clues on the trail of the Sunken Kingdom, where they'll be able to find the Breath of the Sea, a mysterious potion worth a lot to various trading companies.

You'll be heading much deeper into the water than a usual shipwreck plundering dive, so to help you lug all your goodies back to the surface you'll be helped by mermaids.

Not every fishwoman of the sea is friendly though, as Siren Shrines will have you facing off against waves of enemies and puzzles to unlock their loot, similar to other Fort-based firefights.

Of course it all comes with even more loot and cosmetics to unlock, with plenty of coral-themed outfits and equipment to deck out your ship and pirate with. The seasonal Plunder Pass is also being refreshed for another 100 levels of free gear and loot to line your pockets with.

The Sea of Thieves Season 4 update sets sail on September 23 for Xbox and PC, with the Plunder Pass running for the next three months. Content updates like The Sunken Kingdom quest will stay in the game once the season ends.


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