Kena Bridge of Spirits fishing shrine solution guide

Purify the fishing shrine with our guide

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the newest release from Ember Lab. The third-person action adventure game has plenty of puzzles, but one in particular is fairly tricky, and it's mandatory to boot. While you're navigating the Forgotten Forest, you'll have to purify several shrines. One of these is a fishing shrine, which is a bit confusing to parse the solution for. But don't worry, we'll guide you through exactly how to solve this purification puzzle.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Fishing Shrine solution guide

Kena Bridge of Spirits Fishing Shrine solution guide © Ember Lab
 © Ember Lab

The point of this puzzle is to purify the fishing shrine, but how to do that may not immediately be clear. In short, you need to use your bow to hit targets with Pulse energy in the correct order.

© Ember Lab
© Ember Lab

To start, stand at the base of the Deadzone Heart flower and initiate a Pulse. Next, you'll need to start shooting the glowing blue stones around the shrine. Using the mask will highlight them, making them easier to spot. You have to hit these in the right order. If you do, a blue spark will go off. But if you mess up the puzzle will reset and you'll be attacked by enemies.

© Ember Lab
© Ember Lab

There's a set of candles in front of the shrine that you can use for a clue to solving this. The order of these candles is: four, two, one, three. These candles correspond to the stones in shrines you need to shoot. They represent the shrines in this order: front-facing left shrine, backward-facing left shrine, front-facing right shrine, backward-facing right shrine.

Shrine shooting order:

  • Forward right
  • Backward left
  • Backward right
  • Forward left

Once you hit them all in the correct order, the red corruption will fade and you'll have purified the fishing shrine. For more Kena Bridge of Spirits features and guides, check out our game hub.


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