Bungie details new update roadmap for Destiny 2

Two major updates are set to release in February and March.

Bungie recently posted a new development roadmap for Destiny 2. In the roadmap, players can find a 2018 release schedule as well as details regarding three of the game’s future updates. Speaking about the new roadmap, game director Christopher Barrett explained that everything featured in these updates will be “delivered to every player of Destiny 2.”

Essentially, players will be able to have access to the game’s new content regardless of whether or not they purchased the Curse of Osiris DLC, and whether or not they plan to purchase future expansions. Barrett also noted that there are “larger projects in development” for Destiny 2, though what will be included in these projects has yet to be announced.

The next patch for Destiny 2 – which will bring the game up to version V1.1.3 – is due out on February 27. Included in the patch are changes to Nightfall and the addition of public text chat in PC versions of Destiny 2. Meanwhile, the next patch is projected to release exactly one month after its predecessor on March 27.

In that update, changes will be made to the game’s sandbox and Crucible, such as introducing penalties to those who rage quit Crucible matches. Additionally, 6v6 play will be added to Destiny 2 for the first time via the March update, although it’s important to note that 6v6 play will only be available within the Iron Banner playlist.

Finally, the third season of Destiny 2 is projected to launch sometime in May and will include some of the most highly anticipated updates such as vault space increases and private Crucible matches. To learn more about the 2018 roadmap for Destiny 2 and the changes coming in this month's update, check out the full post over on Bungie’s official website.

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