Bloober Team is teasing a new Layers of Fear project

But could it actually be an old one?

Horror-specialist indie studio Bloober Team has teased a new project in its Layers of Fear series.

Intriguingly, the new trailer harks back to the original 2016 title directly. The footage follows a troubled artist struggling to come to terms with his past and marriage while working on a painting. The trailer concludes with the message “your fear will return”, alongside the year, 2022.

The original Layers of Fear followed an artist through twisting non-euclidean hallways and rooms of a house, always returning to that same work of art. The 2018 sequel, Layers of Fear 2, shifted scenes to an ocean liner, with a plot that whirled around Hollywood's golden era. The former largely received critical praise upon release, while the sequel was criticized for a repetitive structure and less engaging story.

It’s not yet clear what this new project will be – remake or fresh story – though the detailed Unreal Engine 5 teaser trailer would certainly point toward the former.

“Layers of Fear was a breakthrough project for us,” the video’s description reads. “Now we return to this universe. Check out this Unreal Engine 5 teaser trailer for clues on what this new, yet-to-be-titled project could be!”

Bloober Team was also behind the horror adventures in The Medium, Observer, and Blair Witch. The studio is reported to have several other projects in the works, including a collaboration with Konami which has seen Bloober Team release vague statements of denial over whether it’s working on a Silent Hill game. 

In case you wanted to catch up ahead of the new title, both the original Layers of Fear and its sequel are available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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