New World Rivercress locations and uses

Learn where to find Rivercress locations in New World so you can harvest Rivercress Stems with ease.

How’s your harvesting going? New World will task you with finding Rivercress early, and while it’s a common plant, knowing where to look can save you an awful lot of time. We’ve rounded up the best New World Rivercress locations and highlighted its uses below so you can easily grab handfuls of that pesky plant.

New World Rivercress locations and uses

New World Rivercress locations and uses
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Rivercress is a small plant with light blue tips which spawns across the majority of New World’s map. It appears as a floating orb of water with the plant growing out from its core. Fittingly, you’ll be able to find Rivercress locations at riverbanks. The plant spawns exclusively near water. If you’re after specific places, check the maps above and below (thanks to!)

Where to find rivercress in New World
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One of the best places to find Rivercress locations in New World is in the Windsward region within the southern section of the map. There’s a large river here which winds its way between Windsward and Monarch’s Buff, all the way north to Everfall. You’ll want to search along the tributary that splits off to the southeast (head southwest from Windsward Town).

Get rivercress new world locations
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Slightly further north, the river segment which runs east to west between Everfall Town and Fort Windsward is another excellent source of Rivercress. You’ll find loads of spawn points along the banks, so wind your way along the length until you have what you need.

Finally, the north of New World has plenty of Rivercress locations, albeit a lot more spread out. Head to Weaver’s Fen and follow the ruins of Vega Bridge, sticking to the south side to find more spawn locations.

Rivercress is a magical plant which will can generate the following resources when harvested:

  • Water Mote
  • Rivercress Stem
  • Rivercress Leaf
  • Rivercress Flower

You’ll need a sickle and a Harvesting skill of 30 to grab it, and a skill of 45 to track it. We don’t have the exact timing yet, but it should be around five minutes for Rivercress to respawn when harvested.

That’s all we can tell you about New World Rivercresss locations and uses. If you’re also after Fae Iron, we’ve got a guide for that here which can help you out!

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