New World Destiny Unearthed quest guide

Complete the Destiny Unearthed quest in New World with our guide

MMORPG New World recently made its debut, giving players plenty of content to playthrough, despite crowded servers. One quest, Destiny Unearthed, features a tough boss, though not quite as tricky as Overseer Zane. Here's how to find and finish the Destiny Unearthed quest in New World. 

New World Destiny Unearthed quest guide

New World Destiny Unearthed quest guide © Prime Games
 © Prime Games

To start the Destiny Unearthed quest in New World, you'll need to head over to Fisherman's Bend and speak with Yonas the Hermit. Yonas is an NPC you'll be seeing a lot of, as he's who you'll report to for several quests. For Destiny Unearthed, Yonas will task you with becoming a Soulwarden.

Take note that this quest is recommended for players level 25 and above, and is easier if you tackle it in a group. For the smoothest experience with Destiny Unearthed, level up and grab some pals.

Your first stop on your way to completing this quest is the Amrine Excavation site. Here, you need to find a Heartgem. To get here, find the Amrine Excavation point of interest on your map. It's in the northern section of the Windsward territory. 

To get the Heartgem, you'll need to defeat Simon Grey, the level 26 boss of the Amrine Excavation site's Obelisk Cavern, and his Star Excavation cronies. But that's not the quest's end, despite the "expedition completed" notification you'll get once you beat them. 

Loot Simon Grey's body and the nearby supply stockpile for any goods you can recover, and grab the Heartstone from the glowing pedestal in the room where you killed him. Use the Expedition Exit portal to return to Fisherman's Bend and Yonas. 

When you speak to Yonas again, inform him that you found the Heartgem. This will complete the quest, and Yonas will give you the Soulwarden's Ring. This is a Tier III uncommon jewelry item with a pickup bind. It provides your New World character with a 340 gear score and a +13 Focus perk. 

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