New World Void Metal guide

Find and use Void Metal to make the best gear in New World with our guide.

Void Metal is one of the many resources players can harvest in Prime Games' MMORPG New World. If you want to craft some of the game's more powerful weapons, you'll need to seek this rare resource out. With this guide, you'll be able to gather and craft with relative ease. 

New World Void Metal guide

New World Void Metal guide © Prime Games
 © Prime Games

How to get Void Metal

To start, you're going to want to raise your Mining level as much as possible to improve your odds of actually obtaining Void Metal when you're looking for it. Void Metal is a Tier III material, so not just any low-level schlub can take a crack at mining it. 

Like Fae Iron, Void Metal can be mined from veins of Iron Ore, but it is extremely rare. To improve your odds of finding some, it's a good idea to equip mining luck charms. You should also eat a potato-based meal for an extra boost before you go mining. 

You can also purchase Void Metal from Trading Posts, provided another player is selling it. Note that this route will likely be pretty expensive, as Void Metal is a rare commodity. 

For a much longer shot, you can try to get Void Metal as drops fromTundra Elementals in Reekwater, Edengrove, and Shattered Mountain, or Mountain Elementals in Weaver’s Fen and Edonscale Reach. The thing with this approach is that your gathering skills need to be at level 100 to actually collect the goods. You can also try the random crates around the world, but your odds there are pretty slim. 

Void Metal uses

Several high level arcana, engineering, and weapon crafting recipes have Void Metal as a key ingredient. All of them are level 75 or above in their respective skill categories, so be sure to level up accordingly as you go. 

That's all there is to Void Metal in New World. For more New World features and guides, check out our game hub


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