Fist of the North Star demo already on PS4, here's how to get it

Still no word of a Western release for Hokuto ga Gatoku.

Hokuto ga Gotoku, AKA the Fist of the North Star game not yet announced in the West, appeared on Japanese PSN in demo form last night. So those of you with Japanese PSN accounts can now try it out for free.

The demo is available here on the Japanese PlayStation Store. It's 7.65 GB as a download and doesn’t require a PS Plus account, so you can make a clean JP region account without subscribing to get hold of it.

The demo itself has a tutorial called “Hokuto Shinken Demo” mode, where you can try out the game's fighting action, and a “Story Demo” mode that will let you check out a very small snippet of the story, explore Eden, and race across the wastelands.

Hokuto ga Gotoku releases in Japan on March 8, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and we have absolutely no idea if that'll be the only place you can get hold of it, but given previous titles in the series it's not looking great. Grab hold of the demo if you want to torture yourself with that unknown some more.


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