Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skins bring the scares

Draugr Reinhardt and Clown Roadhog lead the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skins collection.

Steel yourself, because there are terrifying sights ahead. The 2021 edition of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event is coming at the end of the month, and developer Blizzard has finally shown off the new skins we can expect. We’ll be updating the article below to include all the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skins as they’re revealed.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skins

Overwatch halloween terror 2021 skins reinhardt roadhog
© Blizzard

As usual, the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skins offer a range of Legendary and rare new looks for our favorite heroes. We now know the full list of skins, and the full details of the event have been unveiled. You can unlock three of the skins below by completing the event challenges over the course of three weeks. Prepare for frights as we rattle through the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skins below.

Clown Roadhog

The official name for this new Halloween Terror Roadhog skin hasn’t been released yet, but it’ll certainly let you clown around. Clearly taking inspiration from IT’s Pennywise villain, this Roadhog design featured a full clown tattoo on his belly, along with spiky red hair and a painted white face with massive teeth. A suitably horrifying way to start the Halloween Terror 2021 skins collection. This one's available to earn for free through in-game challenges.

Draugr Reinhardt

Next up is a Halloween Terror 2021 skin sure to suit anyone who enjoyed God of War, Skyrim, or even spent much of this last year in Valheim’s wilderness. Draugr Reinhardt reconfigures his armor into leather, iron, and animal pelts. The old fellow’s face has also been given a lick of spooky paint, as he’s now got a skeletal grin and blue, glowing eyes. This resurrected Reinhardt ancestor certainly had his fair share of fights if the number of embedded arrows is anything to go by. Our advice? Steer clear of his gigantic axe or the best you’ll be able to hope for is half your body being resurrected in future.

Vampire Hunter Brigitte

Overwatch halloween terror skins brigitte
© Blizzard

Following on from Reinhardt is Brigitte, whose Halloween Terror Skin is sporting a pallid complexion. This classy look sports a skull design on the back, shoulders, knees, and shield. We're big fans of the coat, which comes complete with the essential vampiric popped collar. Always so stylish, Brigitte. She claims she's a vampire hunter, but is that just a vampire who hunts?

Vampire Bat Echo

Perhaps serving as a minion of the lady above, Echo's Halloween Terror skin transforms her into a metallic bat that honestly wouldn't look amiss as a comimc book villain. The curved orange-and-black wings may draw the eye, but take note too of the large sensor ears which closely resemble a real Vampire Bat's. Try not to get caught under her either, because those feet are sharp. Unless that's your thing, of course.

Coffin Bastion

Overwatch Halloween terror skins bastion coffin
© Blizzard

Bastion has fully embraced the Halloween spirit this year by outfitting himself in all manner of coffin-themed decorations. Note the skeletal hand at the end of one arm and the delightful RIP message, presumably added as an instruction for anyone facing his turret head on. We're also fond of the undead bird perched on his shoulder.

Skeleton Genji

Overwatch Halloween Terrror 2021 skins genji
© Blizzard

Another one of the skins you'll be able to unlock for free during the Halloween Terror events is Skeleton Genji. Lit up in neon, he's ready to head off for a Day of the Dead celebration, but only after he's done assassinating your supports from behind.

Satyr Lucio

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skins lucio
© Blizzard

No longer just the GOAT DJ, Lucio is now quite literally a goat. A devilish one, that is. WIth furry bottoms and a twisted grin, he skates upon green, bladed shards. Don't worry, he'll still dish out healing when and where it's needed mid-match, you just need to sign a pact with him first. No, don't worry about reading the small print.

Einherjar Zarya

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skins zarya
© Blizzard

And finally, the last Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 skin available as a weekly challenge is Einherjar Zarya. Certainly one for the goths out there, it dresses her in a dark design lit only by pale skin and blue stripes along the arms.

Those are all the Overwatch Halloweeen Terror 2021 skins revealed so far, but we’ll do our best to update the list as more are shown off. Overwatch Halloween Terror starts on October 12.

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