CoD WW2 patch nerfs quickscoping, buffs SMG

RIP Call of Duty sniper montage makers.

Tomorrow's Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer patch will nerf quickscoping while buffing other guns to improve the speed of competitive matches.

Quickscoping, the act of aiming down sights immediately before pulling the trigger to gain the increased accuracy without having to sacrific movespeed, has been a staple of CoD play for many years. But in WW2, the practice has been a more controversial subject of debate within the community.

As a result, tomorrow's patch will increase the ADS transition times for the Kar98k and the M1903 to discourage quickscoping. Other gun changes include improving the ADS speed from standing and sprinting for the game's SMGs and LMGs, to try to make run-and-gun play more viable.

The full patch notes are available on the CoD WW2 subreddit, and provide some design theory from Sledgehammer behind the more controversial changes.


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