How to unlock other characters in Back 4 Blood

Access all eight cleaners with our guide

Back 4 Blood is Turtle Rock Studios' new Left 4 Dead-like first person zombie survival shooter. The game has multiple new systems, including cards, deckbuilding, supply chains, and unlockable characters. When you first start out, you'll only have access to four characters, but with our guide, you can unlock the rest. 

How to unlock other characters in Back 4 Blood

How to unlock other characters in Back 4 Blood © Warner Bros.
 © Warner Bros.

Back 4 Blood has eight characters in total that you can unlock throughout the game, but only four are available when you first start.These four are Mom, Holly, Evangelo, and Walker. To fully experience every character and their unique abilities, you will need to unlock all eight potential zombie fighters, especially as you get more adjusted to the game's card and deck system. 

Though not immediately apparent, the way to unlock every character in Back 4 Blood is relatively easy. You just need to complete the co-op shooter's first act in its entirety. Act 1 of Back 4 Blood includes four separate stages you and your team will need to clear: Resurgence, Tunnel of Blood, Pain Train, and The Crossing. The easiest ways to clear Act 1 quickly will be to play on Recruit mode first, and to prioritize playing with real people, rather than bots, if you can. 

Once you finish Act 1, you will see a cutscene of the remaining four characters, who are now unlocked for you to play as. The final four survivors you can choose from once you've unlocked them are Karlee, Hoffman, Jim, and Doc. With that, you will be able to experience all four of Back 4 Blood's acts with all eight characters, and their unique abilities. 

That's all there is to unlocking all the characters in Back 4 Blood. For more Back 4 Blood features and guides, check out our game hub


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